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Do you think i could drive tomorrow?

Hi guys.

Tuesday night i fell/slipped down the last couple of stairs and flew into the back on my sofa, at the time i knew my right ankle and left wrist were achey but thought nothing more of it (my brother has anchylosis spondilious, and although my test results came back negative, my joints are in hidious condition) anywho. I drove to work wednesday, and after lifting alot of heavy equipment in a rush early morn and again in the afternoon, and running around after the kids, getting up and down off the floor all day, i didnt realise how bad it was hurting. I drove home and went to sw, at this point i could hobble on it, albeit very painful. By 10pm, i couldnt do anything, even sitting still was unbearable painful. My best friend ended up driving my car home for me, as there was just no way i could have done, but when we got back, it was clear to everyone my ankle had swollen quite badly. Anywho, i was in A&E for 4 hours.. ( its catching up on me now) untill 1am. After seeing the doctor and having x-rays it was determined i hadnt broke anything- well i could have told them that.
Anyways, long story short i have 'severe soft tissue damage' - in normal peoples terms.. iv got a very bad sprain, basically.

They drugged me up and sent me home with no crutchs (well that was smart) and thus i have now pulled a muscle in my left foot after bouncing on it all day to get around.

I phoned my boss as i have work tomorrow, she is a physio and asked for advise on exercises to get it better for tomorrow. Shes so lovley, she told me exactly what to do and how to do it, she said i can go in an hour later as she has roped in her husband and cousin to do all the lifting for me, so i dont have to do anything, besides, well.. look after the kids.

Anyways, with the exercises shes given me, its feeling a hell of alot better, but still very painful. Iv got a tubey on it, its helping.

BUT, the doctors told me i absoloutly cannot drive untill i can walk on it. Now, does hobbeling count? cause atm im back to hobbeling? i want/need to go to work tomorrow, but although i can get a lift there, due to finishing at 3 i cant get home. my only option is to drive, or i cant go in. My boss is being really lovley and had i not had last friday off due to flu, id concider not going but i feel like i need too.. plus with just me and her running it, she could do with my help really.. it'd be leaving her a bit stuck.. if i could just get there i could manage.

Anywho, i guess im just asking advise. Should i risk it?

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hmm interesting. Ok somthing to bare in mind. I deffinatly wouldnt drive if i had any doubt anyways, im not that silly.. its not just my life on the road. That i am very aware of.. it all hinges on tomorrow really.

as i said, once im there i know i could manage.. its just bloomin getting there.. damn everyone else having work or a school run!

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