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Do you think my target is too ambitious?

Hi guys,

I started SW on 31st May 2010 and got off to a bad start in my first week, gaining a pound after going majorly off plan on two occasions, not drinking enough and not eating any fruit and veg... (Though this week I've been a lot better!)

I'm currently at home for my summer break from uni and was hoping to lose about 3 stone getting from 11st 11lbs to 8st 11lbs in what is now 14 weeks.

This seems impossible to me given my gain last week.

What do you think? Should I lower my expectations of what can be achieved in 14 weeks?

Thanks in advance.

PS. I'm on Extra Easy this week and if my loss isn't great (or I don't lose at all) then I'm switching to red and green days next week.
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Yes. I think so. 14 weeks, if you lost 1lb a week, would be a stone, a 2lb loss per week, would be 2 stone. If you think you can stay 100% on plan for the whole time, then thats possibly doable. There will be weeks where you lose more and weeks where you STS or gain in that time, but roughly speaking it should all even out.

If you do stick to plan 100%, then it is theoretically possible for you to get to that target in 14 weeks, but remember the slower it comes off, the easier it is to keep it off.

Also remember that SW is a lifestyle change in eating habits, not a quick rush to a target. 14 weeks will make you look considerably different, even if you arent quite on target by the time you go back.
OK, so thanks to your wise wisdom, I've decided to set myself a interim goal of losing 20 pounds this summer (which is nice as it is not only do-able, but will get my BMI nicely under overweight!)

I will be continuing the Food Optimising when I go back to uni, but just won't be at a group. I can gradually lose the rest of the weight there.

I think I'll give myself more time to get to my ultimate goal of 3 stone, perhaps until Christmas. Who knows? I'll see where I get to in September.

Thanks very much for your help!
How will you feel if you miss your target? That's my first thought. If it's going to make you feel bad then yes I'd say change it to something a bit less. There would be nothing worse than you missing it, feeling dreadful and giving up. You'd find yourself back where you started and feel worse!

Technically it is possible to lose that amount in 14 weeks BUT being completely honest I'd say it's probably not easy for someone your size, you don't have an enormous amount to lose and the bigger losses do seem to happen for someone who started much fatter. I don't mean to put you off just talking from experience. A lady at group joined the same time as me and hasn't had big losses so far despite swearing she's stuck to the plan 100%. I'll happily be proved wrong though.:)

If you are 100% between now and then you will probably get a nice chunk out of it which is the main thing. As madamlaminx said the plan should be for life anyway so even once you go back you need to stick to it, any weight still left will go in it's own time and you won't put any back on.

Good luck.
Ooops crossed posts with you. I think that's very sensible and you'll feel so much better if you pass that 20lbs during summer rather than worrying you won't hit your original goal.:)


Will be thin god dammit!!
I agree with MLM and Laura - although its possible it really is a big ask and not a great idea for your body - those kind of loses are to be expected from VLCD in my opinion.
The 20lb target seems much more sensible and remember even if you dont get there the SW is something you can definatley continue once you get back to Uni x
Thanks for your help and support guys! Means a lot.

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