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Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by hopeful1999, 14 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. hopeful1999

    hopeful1999 Member

    I have started back on ss after a year. Last time i lost a stone in 4 weeks which was brilliant but in the end i just couldn't face the shakes and soups and ended up only having one a day - which was not good.

    Any way this time i seem to be coping better. I think it's because i'm doing it while i'm at work and i'm distracted. However, i am concerned that i will get very sick again and ireally want to loose weight for my holiday and so that i will increase my likely hood of being able to conceive (we've been trying for 16 months). I was thinking that when i get weighed i may have a small, low carb meal on that night and then stick ridgedly to the ss again after that. I think it may help even though i know it's cheating a little.
    What do people think?
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  3. Wilma

    Wilma Silver Member

    Hi - Why not go onto SS+? I lost 1 stone a month doing that last year. You shouldn't be ill if you follow the plan properly. Good Luck
  4. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    I think that you need to speak to your CDC and ask their advice...
    What made you ill last time, why did you fall out with the shakes... can you explain - we may be able to give you some pointers on not falling for the same things again...

  5. shopaholic_nikki

    shopaholic_nikki Full Member

    I am on ss but I do struggle with the shakes and soups, I just hate the taste of them, which is a shame and not very helpful. I view it as taking medicine!!

    I do treat myself occasionally to a low carb meal and it hasn't affected my weight loss.

    I do think Wilma has a good idea of doing SS+. Maybe that would work better for you?
  6. hopeful1999

    hopeful1999 Member

    Thanks for the advice

    I have spoken to my c and we have come up with a plan that i think will work - swapping between the different plans when i'm getting sick. I think that will work. Thanks for all of the advice.
  7. irishangel

    irishangel Full Member

    You could also try alternating between you 'go off' them...

    for instance introduce the mix-a-mousse, the bars & the tetras ...keep mixing them all up - so you are less likely to get bored or 'sickened'...

    All the best! ;)

    debs xx

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