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Do you try to eat 3 meals a day ?

me too, i only have 3. ive never been much of a picker or a snacker.
today i made too much lunch so saved a bit and ate mid afternoon, but only really ate it because it was there, rather than being hungry if you know what i mean!


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I find that if I have 3 meals I'm only really having a snack of alpen lights which is my HEXb. So it works for me.
Hi I do snack but try to keep to as much free/low syn food as possible, however the chocolate craving hit me today! So had a kit kat!!!!

I do try and eat 3 meals, I def have lunch and dinner but breakfast is normally a mullerlight and a piece of fruit. I do try really hard to have somethign at breakfast so to get my metabolism moving!!!! Its lazy like me you see!! lol


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I normally have 3 meals and 3 snacks, i find it is helping me to keep on the straight and narrow, i'm not letting myself get hungry. Snacks just consist of fruit and yoghurt, then a couple of biscuits or something for my syns x
Yeah I always have 3 meals. Sometimes I need something mid-morning to keep me going but that's usually a banana or apple. Sometimes have a yoghurt mid afternoon but not always.

I tend not to snack much really. I prefer to keep anything between meals superfree so I've got plenty of syns and options for meals or if I get a choccie craving in the evening (which I'm good at resisting usually!)

I think it's pretty important to have regular meals. It keeps your blood sugar constant, metabolism going and also...gives you something to look forward to. Eating! lol!


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I always make sure I have three decent-sized meals rather than lots of smaller ones - it seems to stop me picking at other stuff, which I see as a good thing :)
I'm a grazer and used to eat at least 6 times a day plus snacks, that's what got me to the size I was! Now, I have the 3 meals but not necessarily at the time that society depicts we should eat breakfast etc. With a gastric band, I can't do that or would constantly be sick!!
I tend to have porridge for breakfast and egg, bacon, tomatoes or beans for lunch and a meat and two veg type meal or homemade curry for dinner. There is usually apples, oranges etc to pick at and I love muller lights. In fact I've started to put some in the freezer as they make lovely ice cream that takes longer to eat. My consultant told us to heat the vanilla ones as they make a great custard but not tried that yet.

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