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Do you visualise your weightloss?

Just wondering.

My first week, when I lost 9lbs, the OH had a newly-opened bag of sugar in his hand and was astonished that I had lost more or less the equivalent of 4 of them.

Today I realised that my weightloss so far when converted into kg is about the same as our biggish weekend tent. :eek:

If I lose all the weight that I want to it will be the equivalent of a 9-berth 3-bedroom family tent! :D

Do you ever think about what are losing, have lost or need to lose in terms of something else?
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I have got rid of a bald eagle

I am starting to enjoy the health benefits, so that spurs me on
It's a bit like taking a bucket of water out of Edgbaston reservoir.

Sorry, head not in a positive place at the mo!

On another note? does my ticker work?

EDIT - so it does...
where you find such a nice ticker??
I searched through and had to settle with wot I've got

that reservoir will soon be in drought
In an attempt to avoid the ironing, I have been procrastinating wildly.

I went through all the options - there are about 16 pages of stripes, and about 10 pages of widgets.
Being overly uncrumpled is overrated anyway
I have no idea why it's a social convention to have flat clothes.

I think if we all joined in a simultaneous uprising and all equally eschewed ironing, we shall all be as crumpled as each other, and therefore it wouldn't matter. As long as no-one cracks, it might *just* work.
What's ironing? :D No seriously, I don't think I own an iron. I used to, but I think the Idle Son took it with him when he moved out last August. If I do still own one I have no idea where it is. I do own an ironing board though. Don't know how to unfold it however........:eek:
Embarrassment? Never! Be righteous and upstanding in your fight against the evils of the flattening of clothes, Sister Yam.
I just wave mine around a bit while they are still damp and hope for the best. :D Oh, and shop very very carefully in the first place..........;)
y'see, that self-employed lark really does have it's perks...

Anyway back to the point. In times past I used to keep 1lb of lard in the fridge, well wrapped in cling film. Cheap and effective reminder. Might do that again, actually.
I have shopped carefully for years
lambswool? Wool? Cashmere?

Not in my household
not unless I would like to clothe a load of toddlers in natural fabrics I don't

I must admit to ironing a sheet on Friday afternoon as a makeshift tablecloth
(is only used for that purpose)

tumble dryers are the most ace invention
comes out unwrinkly
and pulls all the cat hairs off

result :D
I wonder if OH would mind 12lbs of lard in the fridge
as a reminder for me?
The fridge &freezer is getting bare
OH will have to shop
don't mind helping, but he will have to do the menus
he has worked his way through my beer this weekend
eaten my favourite pizza (after ceremoniously picking all the chili off, and added 1/2lb cheese)

back on subject
hopefully my pull on comfy slouch around the house trews will keep falling down
like what they started doing tonight
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12lb is taking things to extremes, but why break the habit of a lifetime, eh?. How about just looking at 1lb of lard, and saying '12 of these'? lol ;)

And secondly, it is not your beer or pizza. You're on a TFR diet, remember...? How long did you think it was going to sit there, and wait for you to indulge in tasty carbs again?? 3-4 months? Dear god woman, he's only human... :)


taking it 1 day at a time
I've got the perfect reminder, a 31lb toddler who insists on being carried home from dropping her sisters off at school. Its only 0.5 miles away but I certainly realise what extra work I've been putting my body through.
I'm sat here in a wrinkled t-shirt! Eschew society's cruel demands for crease-free clothing!

One time at WW, the leader brought in a model-thingy of a half-stone of fat, all orange and gelatinous. I picture that when I'm thinking of what I lost.

I also look at pictures of myself looking like a fat mess. That's quite the spur-on!
Hmm yes
see my "before" photo

I have chopped off all the other skinny lovelies on the same night out
These are all super ideas, ladies! And much better than the old "Imagine yourself thin" I don't quite get that one. I guess it's easier if you've been thin before but I have no memory of being thin - ergo no idea how I would look skinny! Does anybody else feel the same way?
These are all super ideas, ladies! And much better than the old "Imagine yourself thin" I don't quite get that one. I guess it's easier if you've been thin before but I have no memory of being thin - ergo no idea how I would look skinny! Does anybody else feel the same way?
As it happens, I had the *exact* same rant a week or so ago, elsewhere. (And even muttered about it on a thread here, somewhere... Ah, here it is http://www.minimins.com/exante/136886-what-we-looking-forward-do-when-we-thin.html)

Yes, I think it's a supremely daft thing to ask of people who have no experience of being thin.

I remember being 13 1/2 stone when I was 17, but have no idea what I looked like - there's no photos. I remember not having a problem with it really.

But thing is, my entire shape may have changed since then, so it's immaterial anyway!

But yes, you're right. I don't understand it either. The people who ask that question have clearly not had any experience of the predicament.
Yeah it's completely mental really, and actually kind of thoughtless. I mean I get the psychology behind it, it's the whole "visualise the endzone" almost sport psychology thing. Actually found this website called Lose A Dress Size | Virtual Weight Loss, where you upload a photo and they can shrink you by up to three dress sizes. Have uploaded one just for funsies and to see if they'll ever actually email me my skinny pic back but it takes a few days (that in itself made me giggle - even the computer needs to put in some effort in order to photoshop a couple of stone off me!)

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