Do you...


Needs to stick to it!!!
Have a favorite bike?Which bike makes ur head turn?I have to say for me its the Kawasaki Ninja....This bike will turn my head ALL The time.....
ill prolly never own one..cant even imagine wat the insurance would be on it lol but hey a girl can dream!!!:D lol


Excuse me while i sit back n drool me...wats urs???
I have to agree with yah on the ducati, while im not a lover of ducati's i was at a track day on monday n when it went by my god..the sound was incredible!!!!! wow...u cud jus feel it !!!!
Haha brilliant, i LOVE this thread!
I was brought up on bikes, my dad is bike mad (much to my mothers dissaproval)!
He must have owned 15 that i can remember (and i'm only 20!) and his current bike is the new Honda Fireblade.
He has only had it for a few months and before that he had...a NINJA (ZX9) :rolleyes: !

For me though, my favourite bike is the Aprillia RSV Mille 2005 model:


Mmmm :D
I love the good old Harley`s, so loved yesterday as youngest sons headteacher is leaving tomorrow, so they surprised her with a ride on the back of a Harley......!
Boogie woman ahh that is nice this stage id be soo happy with anything lol altho at the same time i wont get on the bike at my current weight !! so if i dont do this feckin weight thing properly ill never get on a
Ohh the fireblades are lovely...he got rid of the ninja??ohh god whyyyyyyyyyy lol

my sis rides a harley(shes in canada) im not mad about the harleys now..altho i just seen one for sale recently that turned my head alrite..quite yummy it was!!!
I'm not a bike fanatic and cudnt tell one from the other, but I cannot wait for TT week in the summer....lots and lotsa bikes, with yummy males in leathers....yes, I am a total perv when it comes to men & bikes...thats wat happens when ye live where I do!
Well a new potential boyfriend of mine.. has a yamaha R1... its well nice.. can't wait for him to take me out on it in the summer.. maybe..assuming we move from friends to bf/gf!
oo yes a ninja zx6R would do me nicely. We did have a Diversion 600, nice and sensible, but we couldn't afford to keep it along with the cars, so we sold the bike :(
I would love a hornet 250 import just for nipping about on. Not that I would dare now, got to think of my girls.
OOOhh Kaz!!! lol can i come visit you..say around..hmmm..end of may beginning of june??lol just for a week like..haha ;) can imagine the partyin'that goes on'll be mad this year..100 years TT....

Oooooooh punkass nice one gurly.....just wait till u see how good ye look in a set of leathers!!!wahheyy...;)

Yorkie..yah jus cant beat a ninja!!i do like the ZZRs too tho..thats prolly what my first bike*hopefully* will be! hubbys said basically when i lose the weight he'll get me a bike!!! :D :D
OOOhh Kaz!!! lol can i come visit you..say around..hmmm..end of may beginning of june??lol just for a week like..haha ;) can imagine the partyin'that goes on'll be mad this year..100 years TT....

Well, they dont call mad sunday mad sunday for no reason lol

Pity I have to work for the bestest bits of TT....not fair!! I am thinking of starting a petition to get all non touristy business closed down for the 2 weeks!!
haha kazz i think u should as well!!lol petition away!!!!
Rite im away to mondello park now for tonite and tomorow...
Watch the boys n girls in action!!!!
My hubby rides a bike - he's just bought one this year after not having one for about 12 years .... I said he got it due to mid life crisis.

He's off to Donnington tomorrow to watch the Superbikes and he'll be going again in June for the Moto GP with our youngest lad - and we're all going to watch the Moto GP at Laguna in San Fransisco in July. We've never been to America before and when he realised that we'd be there when the GP was on he was made up.

One of the things I've promised myself that I'll do when I lose weight is to have bike lessons and buy one so that we can go out together ..... and considering I've got no balance on a push bike I'm pretty worried!

ahh bet he had a great time at donnigton luv 2 get my hubby over to a motogp...ahh one day!!!
He did Mags, really enjoyed it then came back home and watched the race on tv!

haha sounds typical alirite...hubby would do the same the race then the highlights an hour later lol eh!!hehe;)
Dont have a fave, but love my Kawasaki ER6f - am a bit of a cruiser fan but dont really wish to own one as having tried one out it didnt give me a comfortable ride. Had my eye turned by a Triumph Rocket lll, but hubby tells me my legs are way too short,lol!