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Dobbie bad ....


I will get to goal .....
.... confession time :eek:

I ate somewhere in the region of 10 extra points yesterday :eek::(

Here comes the justification bit:
I was very good all last week and didn't lose a single ounce. I thought I would be ok with the STS, but the truth is that I wasn't. I stayed as low carb as I could in an attempt to kerb the glycogen/water regain from changing from CD and still nothing.

I was very good all weekend, despite being rather p!ssed off that I hadn't lost. Kept telling myselt that I'd lose this week and all would be ok.

Yesterday was a bad day and old habits came back. Got home last night and went to the gym (in an effort to elevate my mood) and made some plans for a gym assessment and some personal training sessions. Got home feeling very pleased with myself. BF had to go out so my plan to make turket mince chilli went out the window as he wouldn't be back to eat it. So I thought I'd have a lowish point dinner in it's place. Anyway, a bit of this and a bit of that, followed by a little bit more ..... oh dear, Dobbie is sat on the sofa eating sweets & chocolate that I didn't have the points for (FFS)!


So I reckon it was something like 10 points of damage :mad::(

Here's the bit where I need your advice!!
Should I try and claw back some of those points at say 2-3 points per day or should I just forget it and move on with my week?

Fanx you guys. I'm going to skulk back into my hole now and feel very ashamed of my wretched behaviour :eek::rolleyes:
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Im just me!
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Hello Jayne
I would try just forget about yesterday and take today as another day, i felt like this yesterday but didnt!! I just eat all my 20 points,keep with it hun you will get there i no it can be hard xx


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dobbie, I personally think what feels better in your head, just go with what you feel is right for you hun.

sun xx


Think thin
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Personally if it were me I would try and claw some points back - that's what I did last week
You have to decide what is best for you
Good luck whatever you decide
Hi Dobbie,
I too would try and claw back some points but no more that 2 or 3 a day and maybe try and generate a few extra activity points. I would really go much lower than 2 or 3 a day as I done a few very low days a while back and then had a really hungry day where I went badly over so you wont really notice 2 or 3. Good luck


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
i agree there,but i have never gone ove ri just go under all the time i no thats bad 2!


wannabe yummy mummy
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I would say it depends if you can spare any points. Hope you're feeling better today X


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Oooh I did the exactly the same yesterday too, used 10 too many points by having a bit of a pig-fest on biscuits. :eek: Am going to try and pull back a couple of points each day to make up for it.

Deb x
Personally Id try claw some back but Id say it depends on one main thing. If you think youll struggle in pulling the points back and itll affect your diet for that day - dont do it. If youre going to find it hard starting the day with fewer points and youre more likely to go off the rails again, write yesterday off. If however you can comfortably pull them back - do it. damage limitation :)


Going From Flab to FAB!
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Yoohooo Dobbie! ... where are you! ... Hope your doing ok hun! xxx .... will watch for uou coming back :) xx

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