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Doc says.Its not working.!

Went for my weigh in today and i have stayed the same as last month even though i have been really carefully as always what i eat and bumping the workouts up.
So what she said was it does nt work for everyone.So she said go a month without them and still stick to what i eat etc.and carry on with my workout then next month go back to her and see if i have lost with out them or gained because i havent had them.
She said if i have lost with out them there are other weight lose programmes she can help me with so all is not lost.
Im staying around on here as i think your a great bunch of people and always willing to give adive or encourage people along.
So lets see what next month holds.!!
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awww thats a shame as you had done so well. so pleased you are staying around to keep us all company :D
Stay positive Autumn and its great your staying on here...

were you eating all your calories because last week I didn't and I only lost a 1lb so I have upped my calories again :)
I have also taken my measurements so I can see if its inches rather than weight changing :):):)
Just remember autumn muscle weighs heavier than fat, you could be building up muscle instead!! And like booboo said make sure your getting enough calories!! Glad your sticking around though, no matter what diet your doing i find this place really helps!!
that what doc said Rach about my muscle weighing more than fat.thats why she said go back in a month see what has happened..but im positive about it all..its no biggy.i feel better now im doing the 30 day shred as well.
i had been counting fat boo. so im going to start counting my calories instead see what happens.
Right hub and i are going out for a drink and to let our valentine lanterns go into the sky..see you all tomo.x
Auntumn, hope it's going a bit better. The problem with xenical is that's it's easy to eat low fat but eat the wrong foods. Carbs are low fat so seem a good option but they turn to fat if the body doesn't burn them up (if we eat too much of it!), by then the xenical doesn't get rid of it. I have found my weightloss is slower if I eat too many carbs, eating more protein works better for me.
I am doing weightwatchers and have found it's working (if I stick to it!). This week I tried to push my fat levels to the limit and stay within points, thus xenical will get rid of more speeding up my wieghtloss. Was pleased to lose 3lbs this week.
well doc looked at what i was eating and said everything was fine with that..i do stick to all the rules and am careful what i eat. tbh. i did do weight watchers years ago and lost 2 and half stone. ( then fell pregnant and put it all back on.!)And found it really easy to follow.
But im not paying someone 6 or 7 quid a week to weigh me.
Anyway will see how i get on this month without them. cause if i can get away without popping pills i will. But if they help then its nots so bad so will see how this month pans out.
thanks for advice though.!!
I weigh at home Joined ww via Topcash back for £30 for 3 months online with £30 cash back! Was worth it as it's free!
Hey Autumn i know what you mean about having to pay out just for someone to weigh you, i know you have the meetings but i think theres as much if not more support on here anyway!! Good luck on your months trial with out the pills, you will be fine!! I am sure we would all prefer to do this with out the pills but for now with me its whatever helps!!
total agree with you Rach. if the pills work i agree everyone should take them.
downsizeme tell me more about the cash back ww thing could you please.? thats a right good deal.

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