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I just wondered if someone could help me. Am I right in understanding that if you have a bmi over 40 you have to get a form signed by the doctor?

If your bmi is under 40 do you have to get signed by the doctor?

Is this only the case for SS? Do you still have to get a form signed for SS+?

Thanks hopefully (sorry, my doctor doesnt "approve" of CD so just wanting to get my facts straight before I go and see him if needed)

PS -should add did this diet a few years back but think things have changed since then. thanks!
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My starting BMI was over 40 so the CDC said she would need to send my GP a letter saying I had started a VLCD. I did not need his permission as such.
The next time I went to my GP I saw that it was on his notes that I had started
CD but he did not say anything.


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My BMI is over 40 and i need to get a form signed by my doctor. I have my appointment 2morrow night :D My Doctor is really good and helped me lots when i was in LL. My friends doctor when she did LL was really funny about signing her form and charged her £50 and made her have all kinds of test done which is silly! Thank goodness my doctor is lovely :D


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You have every right to see another gp, you don't have to see your own.