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Doctor will not refer me, please help

Hello, I was so excited and motivated this morning and now I feel deflated and sad.

I have just seen my practice sister at my doctors and explained that I wanted to go the Lighter Life route, however she advised me that they do not agree (as a practice) with the vlcd. She suggested that I go on a 12 week programme with them and be seen every other week then after that in 6 months then a year. I have so much to loose that I really do not feel that this will be in any way a help. I could write a successful diet book; I just need support and a strict regime which I feel Lighter Life can offer.

I am going back next week for blood test results and she will discuss exercise and diet further, I feel really disappointed. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way around it?

I have called Lighter Life and they say a private doctor may be able to help. What does this mean? I left a message for my local counsellor to call me back.

Do I have a shot at joining you guys? I really really hope so! :sigh:
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Hi Lisa
I think you can see a private dr & they will fill in your form for you for a fee
good luck & keep us informed


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Did they give you any kind of explanation. If it is just a generic 'we don't agree with vlcds' then it doesn't sound like they are tailoring their advice to you. A lady in my group had to go to a private doctor for the same reason - it cost her £70. You can often get a chemist to do your 28 day check-ups during the programme for free so at least it should be a one-off fee even if it is very expensive.
Our counsellor has a friendly private doctor who will sign the forms for a fee of £30 because there are 2 surgeries in our area who refuse to sign the forms at all.

If I were you, I'd change GP's to a surgery who will sign the forms - who wants medical care from someone that refuses to see another view point. If they can't tailor their views to individuals on weight loss what happens on some of the bigger issues?


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I had the very same problem, as did several others on here.
My LLC gave me the name of a doctor who is NHS but has an LL clinic twice a week and he charges £30 to fill in the forms for you.
I am sure you will be able to sort it out without too much problem. Hopefully your LLC will be able to point you in the right direction.
Lloyds chemist and co-op chemist can do your monthly bp check, there are some others that do it too and is usually free.
I was lucky to have a nurse in my group who did all ours.
I think it is bonkers that some GPs won't entertain VLCDs. It mostly because they are ignorant of the facts.

Good luck and if you have more problems be sure to shout.


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I did LL a few years ago, I really psyched myself up for it but when I went to see the dr he said he wouldn't sign my forms, I was gutted and started crying, the works:eek: I rebooked and saw another dr, I explained how much I needed to do it and that the other dr had said he wouldn't sign forms etc, he did them for me happily.

You might be better tryina another nurse or dr in the practise as it might just be their personal opinion and not that of the practise ;)

Good luck :)
As long as there is no medical reason as to why they think you can't do the diet (Kidney problem etc) then they can't just refuse!!! I would go and see another doctor. Good luck x


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It is just a history check and some measurements. Your doctor can also charge for it (Mine charged me £15 but my neighbour had it domne at the same practice for free!) I would phone up and ask the nurse p[ractitioner nicely, or failing that get a private appointment.

From what I remember the form is not a referral, just a medical check and you are entitled to have access to the information.

Your doctor is being an idiot and not following proper practice.

You can also change your doctor if you think they will not be supportive. Many are a little more intelligent and realise that the health benefits of being slim far far outweigh the very slim chance of any problems on the diet.

Good Luck
Thank you all so very much for your words. I have had a call back from my local LL councillor and she has advised that she does indeed know a private practice that should be able to help, as long as my blood results come back ok, they are only the usual ones thyroid, sugar and cholesterol, so I should be fine. I have an appointment with the counsellor on Monday and she will go through all the details with me.

I really thought after my appointment this morning that, that was it and I did burst out crying in front of her, I think I have just come to the point now where I desperately need help. I appreciate that they have to cover themselves in some respects, however they are complaining about obesity and the cost to the NHS, this is something I will be paying for myself and not them paying the thousands of pounds for me to have a gastric band or me taking the slimming pills.

I was a bit shocked really, I haven’t got just 2, 3 or 4 stone to loose which is hard enough as it is, I sat there around 9 stone overweight, puffy and obviously desperate for help. I really don’t know why they do not evaluate everyone on their own circumstances and respect ones personal choice, I know the LL program is radical, but you have support and counselling (which I explained) and it works, as you all prove and its time for me to be radical before it is too late.

I am feeling much more positive thanks to you all, so thank you again and thank you Skinkwitch for your search, I really appreciate all your help and advice. :thankyou:
Thank you Twinny, I will keep you posted. If it does not go my way over the next week or so, I will absolutely find another way.

These bad boy 100 odd pounds have their days numbered I can tell you. :character00115: :whacky068: :character00116: :whip:


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Well next time you have an appointment there for something, chances are you'll have reached your goal and been there a long time.

I would make sure you point out how well you've done, and how if it were down to there, you'd still be at your starting weight.

For me, attitudes like that are part of what is motivating me to keep going, and will help me from putting the weight back on.

I'm determined to prove them wrong!!


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I dont think that docs are allowed to stand in your way with regard to signing a form.

The obesity guidelines issued Dec 2006 state that the Doctor should respect any valid dieting method of the patient. VLCD's are then listed as being a valid diet.

The Cambridge diets doctors letter details this as follows:

'Very low calorie diets are acknowledged as a weight loss option in the NICE Guidance on Obesity, published in December 2006, along with the need to recognise and support the patient’s preference for a particular obesity treatment.'

If I were you I would look into this further, take a print out with you from the net and leave details with the receptionist Then ask for an appt at an available time to discuss with him further!!

Ooooh makes me mad!!:mad::mad::mad:


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