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i understand it's anyone with bmi of 40 or over if you want to do SS or SS+... and also people under that with certain medical conditions, but i'm afraid i don't know those.

some doctors do refuse, and others charge an admin fee. if your doctor refuses, the only option is to pay privately (about £50, i believe)
doctors shouldn't refuse to sign it. it's not a form that lets you do the diet it's a form that states that the doc understands that this is what you're going to do. he's not signing it to give permission.

things like high BP can make them have to sign forms too. otherwise you'll be on the 1200 plan which is the lowest plan you can do without a signature.
Im not aware what doctors do in the UK, but my endocrinologist just wrote for me that Ive been seeing him since 2007 and that I take glucophage and thyroxine, it was written on the same paper he writes prescriptions. I hardly saw the point of it to be honest because he isnt 'technically' following me on my CD journey. Before I started CD my CDC showed me a few examples in her file and they were all like that!
Even though he is a private specialist he didnt charge me, it was literally 3 lines!


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If you are over a certain BMI or you have certain conditions then your doctor needs to sign the form. Otherwise, your CDC will just write to your doctors to inform them you are following CD.

I had no problems & started straight on SS without having to see the doctor.


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I had to go to the doctor cause my bmi was over 40.

They weren't very happy about signing it but I was very tough, focussed and clear and was determined I wasn't going to leave without the forms being signed.

When the doctor started questioning me, I simply stated over and over "I don't need your permission, I just need. you to sign the form to say you agree with the facts I have written".

I think some doctors like vlcd, other don't. But none have the authority to stop you.

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