Does any one else get confused about EE days


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i used to do slimming world about 5 years ago i have come back after putting all my weight back on to try and lose it again.

When i was on the plan before there was red and green days which made sense in my head not to mix carbs with protein. now i have tryed getting my head around the EE days and i find it all confusing.

Just wondered if anyone else has this problem and can any one translate the plan for a simple person like me could understand.

Many thanks in advance
Gemma xx
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I originally did SW way back when it was red & green. and tinned macaroni cheese was free on green (sigh!)

I rejoined a year or so ago but the meeting times didn't work for me so I quit. I rejoined last night and I'm raring to go. At first I had trouble, not getting my head round extra easy, but trusting it. I also struggled at first only having 1 HEA & B. But it does get easier.

There is no reason why you cannot stick to red & green if you are more comfortable with it, then just do the odd extra easy day until you feel you are really to grips with it.

Good luck



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I found this post online so thought I'd copy & paste it....
There are just 3 steps to the Extra Easy Plan:-

1. Choose your free food.

Anything that's Free food on Green OR Original - so that's pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat, poultry, fish and all the Superfree food - is totally Free on Extra Easy! Yes, you can eat unlimited meat, potatoes and veg, fish, chips and mushy peas, and chicken curry and rice, with no measuring, no weighing and no counting - no kidding!

And for super-fast, super healthy reults, fill your plate with Superfree foods.

2. Choose your Healthy Extras.

Each day select one Healthy Extra 'a' choice and one Healthy Extra 'b' choice from the list of calcium and fibre-filled foods, including milk, bread, cheese and cereals, (no need to choose chicken, new potatoes or wholemeal pasta as Healthy Extras - they're all Free with Extra Easy!)

3. Enjoy 5 - 15 Syns each day.

And if the syn values for Green and Original are different on the standard syns lists, count the lower one!

And the main thing to remember with EE is to make sure you have at least 1/3 of your plate full of superfree foods. If not then some people snack on fruit inbetween meals. xxx