does any one use the cd shakers??


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I've just been on holiday and took a shaker. You do end up with lumps but only little ones. I like my toffee and walnut shakes so much I dont mind little lumps.

You also need to be SURE it is done up properly as I discovered when making a hot drink! Ouch!

It wasn't as bad as I'd thought but it wasn't perfect.

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I bought a shaker and was left with lumps and it doesn't seal as well as it should, I ended up getting sprayed with a choc shake. Still make my shakes in it but always uses a hand blender now. xx


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Hi if you use a shaker make sure that there is a plastic grid thing at the top, i bought mine for Holland and Barrett, the plastic grid knocks the lumps out and makes it smooth x


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i used mine on LL and it was rubbish!! all lumpy and horrible!! i use my blender now and it smooths them out and froths them up lovely!!


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I find putting crushed ice in my blender works a treat. It makes them really frothy and light. I buy the tetra packs ifor when I am at uni as the shaker didn't get all of the lumps out for me either. The choc tetra is gorg!!!!!


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i always use my shaker and as long as the grid is in you will be fine - just really keep shaking it for a couple mins - I have never had lumps in mine xx


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I used the shaker for the first week or so for every shake. I didn't find a problem with it, and I'm fussy! I hate the thought of having lumps in it, the only reason I changed to a blender thingy is that my arm was getting tired with the shaking lol :)


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I use a hand blender and I find it's no hassle to clean at all. It was about a fiver from Tescos and after i'm done mixing the shake I just twist off the end with blades and rinse it under the tap. I'll chuck it in the dishwasher whenever there's a wash going on and hey presto!

I did try using my big blender and like you thought it was a pain dismantling it and getting it washed up ready for the next 'meal'


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Try and get a look at the allaboutw8 shaker.
This has a screw top, is not suitable for hot drinks, but has a dinky metal framed ball inside that breaks up all the lumps and froths the shake up just nice.

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I use a hand blender less to wash up. Couldnt stand the lumps using the shaker.

Good luck anyway


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I only use the shaker,it was my one from LL I find some shakes are fine some especially the strawberry come out lumpy no matter what.If I could be botherd I would use a blender,but its the washing up,with the shaker I fill it up with water and w up liquid and its clean straight away


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I always use a shaker. I have the one with the little metal ball that looks like a spring. Never have any lumps at all.