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Does anyone do body optimise ??

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
What's body optimise?
I've asked my Consultant if I can talk to her about it at group tomorrow to find out what it's all about really; as they never really seem to mention it.
Its on the slimming world website.... I think as an alternative to being a group member. Oh hope you get some more info from your consulant x
I am a member of BodyOptimise- it is basically a way of being a member of SW on-line without going to classes. You have to pay for membership so there would be no point in joining if you were already going to classes.

I do this as I work away from home a lot, but still need the discipline of a set weigh-in and acces to all the online resources.

I get access to syns online, syns calculator, an on-line food diary, recipes and features. I get an e-mail once a week for my WI and a progress chart, online awards and can download photos to see my progress.

I can understand how some people prefer classes or to save money and just use minimins, but for me it is perfect and I have been a member since I started 80lbs ago.

If you have any questions, ask away, mate
Actually gobolino is right, I always get Body Optimise and Body Magic mixed up. Sorry!
He he dont worry disneymumma ! Cocktail princess that sounds good to get syns online :) Are you also able to buy SW books ? I've only ever bought them from classes but I dont go anymore. I guess ebay might be my best bet :)
Yes you can buy the books too, but all the recipes and syns are on the online tools so I don't normally bother. You can also print out all the HEX lists, food diarys, SAS logs if you need to. The only book I bought so far was the Christmas one last year...........I must get that one out again!!!

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