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Does anyone do the Gym

I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, work permitting. I have 2 sessions with a personal trainer, and then try to do atleast 1 class a week, another session in the gym and swimming :)
I go five times a week, have two days off to recoup. I do quite a bit of cardiac work to burn off the calories, and resistance work to try and build my muscles up.

I always hated exercise prior to going but now I love it, possibly because of the attitude of the staff etc, there is no staring or excess of the 'beautiful people'. Its possibly the best thing I have done for myself.


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I go to zumba & body combat (as well as body pump) and love them all!


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Hehehe body pump is with weights!!

Good luck for Thurs, I'm sure you'll love it :)
I absolutley love the gym.
Have lots of free time at the moment so Iv been going more than ever...
I try to do 2 weights sessions a week to tone and build a bit of muscle
2 core classes for 30 mins each - I WILL have that washboard stomach
and then i do various cardio classes...step twice a week, Spin twice a week, Body attack, Body Combat, etc
And then sometimes go on a saturday for an hour.
Sunday is my lazy day.

Generally spread all that over 3/4 mornings a week and 4/5 evenings a week. So sometimes working out twice a day.

I have 13 weeks to get a beach body and i am more determined than ever!!

Dont think it would be easy to keep up with that many gym sessions normally...but for the next few months iv loads of free time...so am trying my very hardest!! Its only wednesday morning in Sydney now and iv already done 2 spin classes, 1 step class and a weights session since Monday.. xx


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Going to the gym is brilliant :) I started in July last year and the change in my body is unbelievable... not in the way i look persay, just how I hold myself better and don't tire out as much. My weight pretty much wobbled between the same 7lbs for a long time (I wasn't really dieting up until christmas time) and I've gotten to a point where I need to shift some weight because I'm hitting a barrier - my body isn't able to push further with the sheer amount of weight i'm carrying... Since I've started to make an effort and seen the lbs come off I find workouts so much easier! My personal trainer even commented on how far i've come since last year :)

I hand on heart recommend finding the time to have a serious workout even just once a week.. even better with a personal trainer. The difference is amazing and the fact is i'm more spurred on than I ever have been before! x

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