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Does anyone dream they ate food??


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Day 8 without food whoop whoop!!!

Anyway, was up really early with the boys this morning, so went back to bed for a nap about 11. During that time, I dreamt I was making their dinner, buttering crusty bread, I ate some without realising, so I though I may as well eat the rest, then a big bar of dairy milk. I then felt really bad and guilty and wandered should I carry on eating, or just get back on the shakes but what would be the point as I would be going through the torture and have put weight on...

I then woke up! And realised I hadnt eaten and it was all a dream. I cant describe to you how real it felt, the taste of the food, the guilt!! Sooooo real. I even doubted myself, but I know I have no crusty bread or chocolate in the house, so I know it wasnt real. It was so strange. But the guilt feelings felt so real. I am glad I experienced them without actually having to eat, so I know how I food feel if I did eat, it was horrible!!!!
What an odd experience!!!:confused:
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Ages ago when I gave up smoking I used to dream I had smoked! it really used to freak me out and I really had to think about it. Being that food is in the front of your mind right now its not difficult to understand you dreaming about food. Well done keep it up it'll be worth it! :)


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yep i have had a few dreams now lol. i just think at least i can have a nice meal when i fall asleep and put nothing on. lol


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I dream i'm eating too, it must be a side effect of this diet, though the other day it was mud, weird or what?


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hha oh yes i've dreamt about eating food!
was at the very start of my journey though and i dreamt my best friend forced me to eat kfc - they were really mean to me and i woke up and thought it was real, the taste, the smell everything seemed real then realised i had dreamt it! lol


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Yup I have the same dreams and I wake up in a complete panic....I even went so far as getting on the scales to check I hadn't put on weight!!!


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yup i dream about eating.... the other night i had a dream i had chewing gum.... which was de worst cuz i dint even get to eat anything but still ruined my ketosis and was tempted to just eat loads then.... then i woke up.... and last nyt i dreamt i was off lipotrim and i was eating a yummy meal but i was really angry that the portion was too small(im afraid il feel like that in real life.... i always give myself a big enough portion for two ppl) and in the same dream my mum put my meds(which im no longer taking) in my glass of water and i got really angry because i was afraid it would affect ketosis(the capsule has gelatine in it so that would effect ketosis) even thou i was out of ketosis:S i was also annoyed that she was tryin to drug me secretly.... meh


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Good point about the gelatine in capusles, i hadnt thought of that!!! Isnt it weird what our bodies and minds put us through!!!