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Does anyone else do slimming world at home?

Hi guys,

I'm doing slimming world at home and I just wondered if anyone else is doing it without meetings? I'm not really keen on the meetings as I'm not the type to talk about how I feel in front of loads of people but lots of people are telling me that it's impossible without the meetings which really disheartens me! Is there anyone out there doing well without meetings to inspire me??

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Slow but sure....
I am, and quite a few others on here are doing it at home, I am just starting my 7th week, it was bit daunting at first but the wonderful people on this forum have given me so help and advice as well as encouragement that I am finding it easier now.

So welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.


Starting Again!
I'm doing it at home this time round. We're all a bit mad, but friendly with it so any questions just ask :)

I have to say though, I do like going to group, but the ££'s are a bit short at the minute!


Still rockin' it
I do SW from home through the BodyOptimise website. This way I get all the official 'support' but don't have to attend meetings.

I have no problem with discipline- it is only our own dissapointment we have to contend with if we don't stick to plan, and that dissapointment would be the same if I went to a meeting or not!

I travel with work, so can't attend classes, but this 'home' way of doing things has been very effective for me for the past 14 months

Good luck


Starting Again!
Wow, you've been on SW for 14 months?! Dunno why I never noticed that before :confused:Well you deserve a clap for being so good all this time and your fantastic weight loss, I must say! :clap:


Still rockin' it
Wow, you've been on SW for 14 months?! Dunno why I never noticed that before :confused:Well you deserve a clap for being so good all this time and your fantastic weight loss, I must say! :clap:
Cheers, Mate! This is the first time I have ever stuck a 'diet' for so long- and because this time I am doing it at a realistic pace, I KNOW without fail that I will get to target..... although it may take me until 2034, lol

Are we the early birds again, Natt?


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I certainly don't think it's impossible to do it on your own, but alot of us find that without the support of a leader and the group and yes the discipline of getting weighed, we find it very difficult to keep losing weight after a while. If I'm doing it on my own then I find the "this one won't hurt" attitude creeping in.
I think most of us are shy at meetings at first, but the nuggets of information you get from the leader and the camaraderie of the (mostly) girls make it an "occasion"-"me time" and it just seems to reaffirm why we started in the first place.
I still wouldn't be without my friends on this board tho! They are there 7 days a week and are a marvellous support.


Starting Again!
Yeah well said Judi! I've always joined a group and when I've lost motivation I quit. Or if I done well even by cheating, then I get carried away thinking loose 1st makes me a size 10 - so I quit!

I got it sussed this time though - when that attitude sets in I'm going to join group :)

I love the girls at my usual group, they're a mad bunch of middle aged women complaining about men, children and chocolate - just my sort of people!! I might be 20 in body but I'm about 45 in mind!
I have done better doing SW at home than I did at class. I didn't enjoy the classes and was paying to get weighed so stopped going. I find that now I am the only one accountable for my weight I am much more focused and determined.
I believe that 99.9% of success in losing weight is down to your state of mind and so if you click into that you will do great.
Good luck on your journey
Thanks guys, you've all made me feel loads more positive!! xx
Hi Sarah,

I'm doing SW at home too. As the others have said, if you've got the self-discipline it's fine and the support and ideas on here are invaluable! xx

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