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does anyone else do this????


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Hi all, well I'm back again after the summer hols and gonna stay on track!! Hoping to lose about 1.1/2 stone by xmas! Anyway, back to the question....... I have a friend who is on slimming world and she stick to it all week but on a Saturday has a curry and a few glasses on vino and still has good losses every week!!!!!!! Anyone else do this and how do you get on? Seems like a good idea to keep on track or am I wrong? xxx
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Hi hun, i tried to do this once, however not a good move for me as i find it really hard to get back on track the next day normally. Though it does work for many people (just not me lol). I know that some people need to have that one night of eating anything in order for them to stay on track all week though, like something to look forward to then draw a line under it. x


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I have a 'naughty' night which is the night that I get weighed. I have a takeaway and a couple of glasses of wine, which satisfies me for the coming week then... I get weighed on a Monday so have to be good at the weekend, when maybe a lot more people would relax a little


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I don't do a 'treat' day however I start my week on a Thursday with 70 syns and work downwards and I find I have between 5-8 on weekdays and around 10-15 at the weekend. I think if this works for you then no harm done but if you stop losing weight one of the first things to go would have to be the treat day.


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I know lots of people who count their syns over the week rather than each day which means there can be days where you have more syns than other days. It works for some & not for others. You could always give it a try one week & see how you get on?!

If you were thinking of having indian food, Im pretty sure Ive seen a few dishes that are within the 15 syns so if you have that plus a glass of wine you wouldn't be going over your daily allowance (if you did it that way) much anyway x
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I get weighed on a Wednesday so for my tea when I get home after class that night I have whatever I like be it a takeaway, pizza or even if it's just lasagne with "normal" chips.Then first thing on Thursday morning I start my food diary all over again right up till I go to class on Wednesday evening.

At the top of my food diary sheet I put 105/week just as a reminder of the total syns I allow myself then deduct them of as I use them throughout the week.I aim to have about 15 to 20 left at the end of the week incase I have messed up anywhere with my meals. this way I find I don't feel guilty if I go over the odd day.
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brilliant advice Lynne that is exactly whqt i do and i find it less restrictive. My theory is that the sysns number is calculated to restrict the foods that should be eaten in moderation. Doing it this way i find it easier to plan for the weekends

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I reckon I've tried working my syns all sorts of ways while doing SW - having a "night off" and treating it as "flexible" used to work ok for me, but I just can't get away with it now that I'm closer to my target - everyone is different, so if you want to risk a gain or sts, try it, enjoy it and see what happens for you - good luck'n'stuff
i lost my first stone b4 i started having every saturday "off" sw diet and have done ok so far-ive never put on weight yet(touch wood) however ive lost 2st 9lbs now and last week i only lost 0.5lb so now im giving up the days off for a while to give my body the boost it needs to continue loosing!!! dunno if it will work but thursdays weigh in will tell- ive gone over my syns today but hardly had any yesterday lol
laura xx

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