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Does anyone else do this?

Hi fellow slimmers,
So I got weighed this morning an was delighted 2 b told I had 3 1/2 pd off, had a really good week wit plenty of s'free, body magic etc, but I hav been so bad since I came out of the class, its like subconsciously I'm thinkin well I'll eat as much crap as possible 4 the rest of the day an start again 2m. Such a waste cos i'l av prob gained back 2day what it took me all week to lose. Just wonderin wht ur thoughts are on this ????
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When i started i thought ohhh i can have a ''treat'' on weigh day. But now think its a bad idea! You can eat so much lush food on SW i dont think i need to go off plan.
I was going to have pizza as a 'reward' for losing a stone, but i made a pitta pizza with my hea cheese and heb pitta, and totaly enjoyed it :) I read a post not long after i joined and someone said rewarding your weight loss with food was a bad idea as you could gain that loss back and it really made me see sence. Have read that some people treat themselves with manicures,new clothes/days out etc etc on reaching mini goals. I think this is a fab idea xxx
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last time i did sw i used to do that and in the end that was reason i quit because wi day turned in 2 days off then 3 then before i knew it i wasn't doing it anymore but just getting weighed.
Yeah I do it every Tuesday and i'm seriously thinking about stopping it, its just not good!! I have whatever it is that I fancy...chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream or chinese etc

I think I should maybe just do it once a month instead!
Am gona go 4 non food rewards from now on, it's so not worth it cos I know I'm gona feel like crap 2m after all the bad food, and I can see how easily one day of treating urself could turn into 2 or 3.
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Have to admit if friends want to go out or family for dinner I tend to arrange this WI night. The thing is I don't go mental, tonight I had fajitas etc so not like j eat a plate of burger and chips etc for me it's a treat in that I don't have to cook as in my house I cook EVERYTHING!! Gonna treat myself to a spa day though next week for reaching my stone award!!! Xx


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I used to do that the last 3 times I did sw. We used to go to supermarket after weigh in and have a treat night, which looking back was more pig out night!

I don't do treat night after wi anymore or after a good loss. However I do occasionally go out for a meal or to a wedding etc and allow myself to flexi syn, but again I don't go crazy. It's all about moderation.

I feel like I've had some kind of magical realisation over the last 7 months, my attitude towards food has completely changed, which is why I'm confident I'll never regain.
I'd love to be at ur stage mini-mog. I am not havin any more treat nites after weigh in, I ate so much crap last nite an it wasn't cos I was hungry it was just cos I had it on my head-well I've been bad 2day so I'll just have as much bad stuff as possible and start again 2m. An feel really awful today after so much sugar.


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I don't do treat nights, mainly because i'll be going out at some point in the week for drinks or food or both!! So I can't be naughty 2 days in a week!



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I go for non food related treats like having my hair done or nails done.
If someone buys me some chocolate (which happens often!) I will save it for after i get weighed but i go to an evening class and therefore have less time to treat myself!
I wouldnt eat loads for the rest of the day...just stop now knowing u have had a treat and u can pull yrself bk on track for next week!!!! x


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Admittingly, I do have a treat after weigh in, usually a small bar of my favourite chocolate but I get straight back on plan next day.
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Each 1/2 stone I treat myself to a new Pandora charm.:D
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I used to do this, but the minute I let myself have a treat, the whole plan goes out the window. Not just for the rest of the day but for at least the rest of the week. My thought process after I've had a treat is "well, I've had a treat tonight so I might as well eat what I like and start again tomorrow. " then tomorrow comes and I can't get myself back on track.

So now I only have a treat if I've got enough syns left. Having said that, my weakness is carbs so I make sure my WI day is a green day so I can give myself a massive bowl of pasta whether I've lost or gained!


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Some can get away with a "treat night/day" after weigh in, it's trial & error as to whether it will affect next weigh in. Personally, I will NOT lose unless I have a treat day every single week. I weigh at home Wednesday morning & can eat anything I want that day & then I'm back on plan the next day. I don't gorge on food, i just eat what i fancy that would usually be too synful. I can chop & change what day too & usually I'm ok. If you were to get stuck in a rut I'd suggest the same, just to trick your metabolism. It may not always work for me but while it does I have to do it if I want a loss at the next weigh in x
I like this thread as I love the way we all have our little ways!

My personal 'rule' is that if I have last 2lb or more, I do allow myself a treat and when I say treat I don't go mad, the evening I will use flexible syns and allow myself maybe 25 or 30 syns that evening.

I find that works for me as it doesn't get out of control i.e no huge pig-out and I'm keen to get back straight on the plan the following day so I can earn a treat the following week! I know it sounds daft - but it works for me!! But I do have to be quite strict, if I don't get the 2lbs, I dont get the treat!


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Lashes, my sister is the WORST for that lol!

She used to go to SW on a Thurs, then after he weigh in, would have a big curry with her bf! :eek:
Even now, she has a "bad day" and then tends to write off the entire week then!! Which is crazy. I think subconciously she would rather know she's been able to stuff her face and have a bad weight gain, than know she only let it slip once, continue to be "good" and perhaps have a slight weight gain.

On previous diets/healthy eating I've tending to have a "i'll start again on Monday" approach. But there aren't enough Mondays in a year that way!!

Just allow yourself that cake/chocolate bar/ice cream/curry/mcdonalds. Enjoy it. And know that you have 6 more days to make up for it. Don't feel guilty - that will eat away at you (excuse the pun lol) but instead say "i just had a mcdonalds, yum! now i'm gonna stick to my diet for the week and lose weight at the end of it!!"

Good luck :)

P.S. Know that I ate out for 3days one week at Nandos, Harvester (burger + a big sundae for dessert) and a pub dinner (with dessert!) and still lost 1lb that week!! But i didn't stuff my face between these meals. It can be done when your bad :) but i wouldn't recommend taking the risk TOO much lol!

I've been slightly rubbish this week and my WI is tomorrow morning. Even 0.5lb would be appreciated considering lol x
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I think the non-food treat is a really good idea, maybe buying a new top, new jewellery/fragrance etc.?

Or going to cinema/bowling etc :)



Proud to be a LOSER :)
S: 11st4lb C: 9st7.5lb G: 8st13.5lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 1st10.5lb(15.51%)
Definitely agree! You will much prefer something that when you look at it reminds you of that 3lb you lost, like a nice dress! rather than the remains of a huge chocolate cake only reminding you that you have to work extra hard or that u might put on this week!! lol x

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