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Does anyone else eat out often?


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I don't particularly binge or eat much in the way of chocolate/crisps/desserts etc, I put weight on from eating out too much over 10 years. I still eat out (3 times this weekend), but I don't touch fast food, just quality restaurants that I know have fresh delicious food.

My question is, how do I try to cut this down and does anyone else find that eating out is a massive part of their lives as it is mine? xx
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Yep me too - I easily ate out about three times per week (usually for lunch and dinner on Saturdays and lunch on Sundays)

I have actually only eaten out once since I started SW as I like a drink at the weekends and I feel that eating out would send my plan onto the skids.

I've recently found out about a SW friendly restaurant in Belfast so I'm going to give that a go this weekend as I do miss eating out :D You could try to see if there is one in your area?


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S: 15st8lb C: 11st11.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(24.08%)
I'm yet to find a sw friendly restaurant here lol, you are lucky you have one! :) I think with me it's more than me and hubby love going to different restaurants and trying new things - we have been this way for years (except I used to eat things like chicken korma and creamy pasta!!) I think that's what has changed about me, I don't eat creamy things anymore when I'm out so that is a good sign! I just think after a long week, it's great to get ready on a Friday and go out.

My mum is over on the 5th April so I am on a pledge to not eat out from now until then and be in the 12s!! Will be the longest I have went without eating out lol, but am willing to give it a go! :)


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I eat out alot, usually around 3 times over a weekend if not more, I just try to be very selective about what I have and make the best choices from the menus given with no starter or dessert, unless its for an occasion instead of meal out for the sake of it


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S: 15st8lb C: 11st11.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(24.08%)
Yeah I try not to have a starter too and am not a big dessert fan - BUT, if chicken liver pate is on as a starter I cant resist!!! haha :D xx
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I often eat out too, as sometimes I just can't be bothered to cook, say if me and my bf get home from uni really late. I often go to Pizza Hut, so we can use a 2for1 voucher, and I get the chicken arribatta pasta which is only 5.5 syns and he gets a pizza.

Luckily the pasta is really filling so I don't get get jealous :D

We never get starters or deserts anyways, as were on a budget so I suppose I miss that hurdle.

Or I go with the old jacket spud if i'm unsure about the syn values of anything.



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I eat out a lot due to my job so some weeks I eat out around 3 times a week too. I can find it really tricky however I try and follow Extra Easy so I dont feel as restricted when I'm trying to choose from a hotel/restaurant menu.

Last week I kid you not there wasnt one SW friendly option I could have chosen off of the menu so I took myself off to Asda and bought a salad with a fork in it, a can of tuna with a ring pull, a can of sweetcorn also with a ring pull and a muller yoghurt for after! I took them back to my room and ate them there!! I am sooooo determined to get back into the 9's and if that's what I have to do then I will do it!

I know that if i given into temptation and have what I really want, a big fat burger with onion rings and chips, it would be a slippery down hill slope for me as I would then want to wash it down with a large bag of crisps and a larger chocolate bar. I dont do 'moderation' very well, it's all or nothing!


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See maybe that's what has changed with me, if I went out for a meal, I wouldn't touch burgers or chips, but would choose maybe chicken and veg, this is definitely sw doing it's job on me as I am definitely more aware of what I'm eating. I can imagine with work it must be tough though but well done Becky for making a sw friendly meal!! :D xx
I would say that the only socialising I do now, is going out for meals. I live in the countryside, no public transport, so the "joys" of a night out drinking soon disappear when you have a £50 taxi fare home..!

I suppose I probably eat out 2, or 3 times a week, and where I don't want "dietting" to run my life, I do pick the more healthy options now, heck I even asked for boiled spuds instead of chips the other day, that was a miracle. Boyfriend didn't know what had happened to me :p It's the little things too, like the mayo and the ketchup that you'd not have thought twice about before, soon adds up and clocks up the syns... That's what I like about SW, it makes you more aware of healthier options :D

Though saying that, I am going to KFC on Friday, and I am comfortable in the knowledge that I will enjoy it way more than I would have done before :)


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Yeah auburn sw definitely opens your eyes up more when eating out. I ended up eating out again last night!! I said I wouldn't but I couldn't resist :) was very nice, but did go over the top with the wine :) Well done on the boiled potatoes!


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I'm too fussy!

For example, if I was eating out, I'd have perhaps a baked potato with beans - no butter or cheese etc. and free on extra easy.

I'd then baulk at paying for essentially something that would cost pennies if made at home lol.

Therein lies the paradox. Perhaps I should relax as I plan to eat out in Florida 42 times in a fortnight!!


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S: 15st8lb C: 11st11.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(24.08%)
That is a lot of eating out - perhaps you might need to prepare yourself :) But yeah I wouldn't eat out if it was things like burgers, baked tatties as I can do that no problem (and tastier), Friday's dinner out was goats cheese with an olive tapenade and pesto, followed by barbary duck, with beetroot and celeriac mash with a rosemary glaze....now I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get it to restaurant standard if I tried it myself :) was really enjoyable though (especially with several glasses of wine) :D xx


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Hi Stefanie,

I eat out a lot. Usually at least once per week but anything up to 3 times per week and have done since I started on SW. I had a couple of gourmet weekends away (michelin stars galore !) when I gained (particularly because I weigh in on Sunday/Monday) but it came off very quickly (and in fact on 2 occasions I had really big losses the week after so I obviously kidded my body into coming out of starvation mode !!!). I've only had 3 gains in total in 7 months. I try to make sensible SW choices most of the time and avoid the puddings when I am not in 'special' places, but sometimes I have pudding when I'm in a really nice place and I just enjoy it and flexisyn. I'm not a big drinker so that's a bit easier for me but overall it hasn't been a problem and has expanded the kind of things that I choose in restaurants which has been good.

Hope it goes well and you continue to enjoy your food.

Gail x


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Hi Gail and thanks, your weight loss is fab! The gourmet weekends sound delicious! I think it just shows if you are sensible it doesn't have to affect your weight losses. I have only gained once which was a pound over Christmas. I did have a sts last week but it was because one particular meal out of the three times was a little more unhealthy (there was gorgonzola galore), but I wouldn't usually do this. I had my biggest weight loss after a couple meals out the week before, so just shows your body is a funny thing :)

I couldn't give it up though, love eating out :) xx
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I often eat out both at weekends and in the week. I do try and be good. I think as long as you stay away from pizza, creamy indians and lots of desserts I find I'm fine.
It has however slowed down by weight loss, so any suggestions would be useful.

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