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Does anyone else feel the same ?????

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Afternoon fellow dieters,

Ive been off plan for the last week and have time to think what makes me go off track but can never really get an answer, is it will power? is my desire to get slimmer not strong enough? do I want fatty foods more than a slim figure? im not too sure but maybe it is a bit of all them I suppose.

Does anyone else feel that when they start following weight watchers they are alone and secluded,? and I feel as if I am restricted and deprived which leads me to feel sort of depressed, even though I know I can eat anything as long as I count the points for it,

Does any of that waffle even make sense lol :rolleyes:

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ie felt like that in the past.. cant hav this cant have that but this time im trying to think yeah i can have what ever i want within reason.. if i want to go out and drink with my mates i do i just hold back on the food during the day.. went to weatherspoons and had a meal with my family and woo woo cocktails the otherday pointed it all and just ate light fr breckie and had a light snack for tea.. still had a fab day and no one knew i was dieting! lifes full of choices, try to be laid back whilst still keeping a check on things and realise that as long as ur conciously incontroll and making the desisions then ur not deprived just making the right decision for you at athat time
sorry for waffling dont know if ive got across what i meant but hope it helps xx


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Kind of - it is almost when you are on a diet you start looking and craving foods that you wouldn't normally. And they certainly ain't diet foods. I was off plan on Saturday - had a Domino's pizza (1st pizza in 2 years) and it was yummy. Then I had strawberries and cream afterwards.....and I didn't point. It's like a switch in your head - well it is in mine. I was happy though when I weighed in this morning and was down 1lb. Hopefully, damage limitation will stop any gains for next week. LOL!!!
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You've done so well so far, well done. You have to stop making yourself feel deprived or you won't want to carry on. You can eat pretty much anything you want but it's all about balance. Choose one day in the week to treat yourself to something you really are missing and then plan low point foods for the rest of the day so you can enjoy whatever it is without feeling guilty. A little of what you fancy always does you good and stops mad binging days or weeks. I have lost weight several times and ended up sabotaging my own efforts and then giving up. This time I have come at the whole thing from a different perspective as I realised if I kept doing what I was doing I would keep getting the results I was getting. So far so good.
Good Luck
Hi there, I know you sound a bit down and puzzled and Ive been where you are, However ww is a fantastic way of dieting when you get your head in the zone then the weight does come off, if you also up your exercise then more does too. It teaches you to value your points and portions and make more informed and healthy decisions .If your'e sad when you look in the mirror then you have taken the step to feeling happier so well done and there are fantastic helpers (much more experienced than me) that can answer questions you have? I succesfully lost 5 stone with ww 11 years ago and I can tell you that all I did was to study its methods first, then put it into practice and included 2 one mile walks a day and plenty of water . Yes it requires a form of dicipline but so does getting your car insured and taxed and full of petrol so I thought if I look after my car then its time I looked after myself and thats what got me motivated. I hope this helps and as I say there are great people and advisors to lean on and help but you have to take the steps yourself so you can smile at that reflection again hun.x


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Does anyone else feel that when they start following weight watchers they are alone and secluded,? and I feel as if I am restricted and deprived which leads me to feel sort of depressed, even though I know I can eat anything as long as I count the points for it,
In a way I do feel the same. I have a busy social life, I am 23 and have a big social circle. I have started to say no to things because temptation is too much. I have stopped going out drinking so much or out for meals because once I am out I lose control.

I made the mistake of stopping going to meetings, I have continued to lose weight but very slowly, or I just stay the same weight. I've stopped following the plan to a point but then I still follow because I say no to foods in my head, as I am writing this I am now questioning why I say no to these foods... these foods being pizza, choccies basically junk. I check food labels and then decide if I will have it or not. I'd rather have a big portion of something low in points than square of chocolate.

I feel confused about my weight loss. I have lost a stone and have 11 pounds to go but I feel like this will be the hardest part.
i feel exactly the same and i just dont know how i will change my mind set. i just cant seem to stick to it even though its simple. those kebabs call to me lol


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i have felt same i get so far and doing so well then something stops and i end up going off track and just eat loads of c**p and this time instead of stop going to meetings as i no i have put on i went back put quite a bit on in few weeks but determined to lose it and buck my ideas up dont want to be big and feel unhappy so glad i read your post x

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