Does anyone else have an exercise bike?


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Safre than a real one...I kept coming off mine. But when I was cycling weight loss was gradual and consistent (all on again now mind). The benefit is that you can watch tv at the same time....perfect!!!


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Ive got one but got it more for health reasons. Theyre excellent for strengthening your leg muscles without extending too much which is exactly what i need lol. Weight loss wise, I have serious problems losing weight and it comes off very slowly, but have had a steady weightloss each week from combining the diet and the bike. Also found out the other week i can prop my laptop up on the handle bars :D:D:D


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If I got one it wouldn't be foldable, it would be collapsible!

TBH I've known a few people to have them and they usually end up as clothes airers


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I used mine once for about 15 minutes then it became an ornament in my room. When I moved last year I just sold it. Not a good buy unless you're 110% sure that you'll use it. I had promised myself to use mine every day but that didn't happen. The money could be better spent on a months gym membership?

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i have one, and i use it for 30 minutes aday, and i would say it helps,
i got mine from the local freecycle it hasnt all the gadgets on it just a timer but it works
can you maybe borrow one to see if you like it first??


I bought one in Jan sales and have used it . . once:eek: It is indeed a clothes horse now!! That said I do plan to get my lazy but back on it very soon and as an exercise there can be so many different levels and variations to use good luck x x

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When I started my first plan (WW) I bought one in a charity shop and when I used it, I did lose a bit more than when i didn't-literally 1/2 lb but every 1/2lb helps!
To be honest it's a clothes horse now. So I'd urge you to think about how committed you're going to be before you buy one.