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Does anyone else have pcos?

mrs bee

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yes I have.
I am losing weight well on this diet which as you know is not always easy with pcos! Also *touch wood* my cycle has already become more regular (well regular for me anyway!).
Hope that helps xx


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Aw ladies, im lucky *touch wood* not to have suffered with anything like this, bt its great to see how this diet is helping!!

keep going! if thats not motivation i dont know what is! xx
Hey, I have PCOS which is the main reason why I started the diet. I cant say that its helped making my cycle regular as I only have a period if I take pill and go off etc... but I have been advised by docs not to take the pill because of my weight. So really I dont get periods...

But I always used to get this nasty aching pain before when I wasnt on my period.. as if someone was constantly stabbing me.. and as I have started losing weight thats all started going away!

Weight loss is the main thing to help with PCOS symptoms. Ive read on here that that some people who have PCOS found that the cysts on their ovaries got reduced in size after they lost a lot of weight. I have a scan coming up in a couple of months so I'll let you know how it goes. At the moment tho the specialist said that I have a helluva lot of cysts that are taking over my ovaries and they may need to operate at some point in the near future! NOT IF IVE GOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!! lol
Afternoon, I too have PCOS and I'm very very happy to say that after five days on Lipotrim, I've got my first TOTM since June 08 :D And to be honest I think it is down to Lipotrim...

In a werid way its spurred me on to keep going, the way I see it, if I've got TOTM then what else will it help? (I've got my fingers crossed that it'll help with the hair situation ;))

My main reason for doing Lipotrim is because we're going to TTC this year, and as you all perhaps know its a little harder for us PCOS girls, so I'm trying to give us the best possible chance by getting into shape. :)

I think my Lipotrim journey will be worth it in the end!
Hiya guys - I too have pcos and i'm on my 4th week doing lipotrim, i feel like the diet is working for me really well, i have also received my totm for the first time since sept 08. feeling great. Keep up the good work everyone. xx
I also have PCOS but i have just had a baby after 15 yrs of being told it wouldnt happen.

So my TOTM is a bit out beacuse of that.

But i must say that i tried Meformin and i actually had a period for 4 months in a row, now that is fantastic. I fell pg within taking metformin in 6 months.

So now i need to loose the weight plus all the baby weight lol.

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