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Does anyone else have period problems?


One last chance
When I was on LT my period played up a lot. It came but then it went in about 2 days. Then it came back and I was on for two weeks later and was extremely light. After that, I haven't had a period in over 4 months to this day.

This diet has that affect but they will return when you start eating again. I'm waiting for mine to return.
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Yeah - I was due on on Monday and so far nada!
I'm kind of worried that it's not safe, but I guess it's just part of the diet.

Do you think it's a concern that I should check with my GP but will all be ok?

Thanks, just really worried about it



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Yep, i have been on straight now for about 11 weeks.

Saw my doc about 4 weeks ago and said its normal as you are on an extreme diet, but also because i have the implant and i havnt had a period for 3 years before starting lt.

Although i am giving it untill the 25th and then if its still around im going back to the doc. I need to get my implant changed soon so this may be the reason for mine.

But a few people have suffered with period problems from being on lt - but my view is that its a small price to pay to be thin again :) lol x
Thanks for this. that actually sounds a lot like me. Been on progestogen only pill so not had periods for ages.

Thanks for the reassurance. Hope you get it sorted out iwth your doc anyway. Mine appears to have stopped now for a while! Oh the joys of dieting!!!



I will do this!!!
I do my diet through my doctors so at a weigh in i mentioned my messed up periods and its perfectly normal. Your giving your body a HUGE shock and it doesn't have a clue whats going on!!!! But as it gets used to the diet the periods do sort themselves out.
Yes, I've been pre-menopausal for 2 years + now, and I had 2 light periods in the first 3 weeks I was on LT...nothing since, thank goodness! It's all down to hormones, so very common. Nothing to worry about.

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