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does anyone else????


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Funky Mum

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Sort of, I tend to eat well during the day as I weigh in at 6.30 but then come home and have a non ww meal, things that are too high in points to warrant eating. Like pizza!


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I must admit I am a ww geek and rarely go 'off plan', but if you can get away with it, and still lose weight, then why not, if thats what you want!


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I used to do this before but not since my restart. I stick to my points, although I do have more on weigh in night but thats just to finish my points for the week before the next day. But like purple star says if it works for you and you still lose weight then carry on
Hi I couldn't go off plan eirther ww geek too ;) thus is is as the plan is worked out we had X points a day and we can save only 4 a day working it out a weekly total over the weeks n months it may catch up eventually as they say long term what we show on weigh day is from 2 weeks ago , I know if I dint do plan 100% then I yoyo, although I may blip I can't eat without counting everything that goes in my mouth, it's amazing how many points are in foods , so you could be 40 points over easy if you do a no count day. SW is totally different as they allow big portions on your choosen day but with WW mostly every thing is pointed except a select amount if really healthy food so maybe that's why it's worked on that plan, can I ask why did you change plans?
The only way to tell if it will work as before but on WW us to do it, good luck xx


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I weigh in on a saturday morning, so what I will do is save a few points on the days in the run up to saturday, then for breakfast after weigh in I will have something like a mars bar and a full fat hot chocolate! Then my new week counting starts after that.

So I am not really using extra points just using some I have saved up, but I do look forward to my "breakfast" on saturday as its special K the rest of the week!


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i count everything, but i save for a friday night where i have a takeaway and a bar of choc and maybe a glass of wine :) it spurs me on during the week and makes me stay on plan!

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