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does anyone else....

I was the same the first time I did the diet. Had to bite the bullet and get my head back in the game, I had a few months off though, but I wouldn't advise that as I ended up putting all of my weight back on and that wasn't good.
It's all about being in the right mind set and how much you want it.

I read a lot of the posts by icemoose about getting your head in the game. He's really inspirational and you should sign up for his newsletter, it really helps.
I did it fine for 5 weeks the first time round and lost 20lbs back in July.

Had a break for various reasons and now I just cant get back on it properly. I have spent weeks starting afresh every day and then caving in by lunchtime!!

Anyway, I started again on Monday and am on day 4! I will admit I have had the odd few slices of chicken/wafer thin turkey etc and even half a sausage but am in ketosis which is the main thing. I didnt put any of the weight back on that I lost, but I still want to lose a further 20lb!

Have got a ball tomorrow evening which will prove a tad difficult. Am not drinking so fine on that side of things, but there will be a 3 course meal. I will definitely eat but will try and avoid carbs and stick to meat and veg as it is bound to be a raost dinner of sorts, and then straight back on track on Saturday!!

I have found it hard this time round though. All I want is chocolate!!!!! I keep having mini battles with myself and luckily CD keeps winning but it has been close at times!!

Hope you manage to get back in the zone ; )
oh thanks ribena and well done on not putting any weight back on i lost 11 pounds in may and put 14 back on,oh god its so hard could kill myself for messing up last ngiht but anyway on day 3 hope to god stick to it day by day min by min
good luck and enjoy the ball


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Hi Skinnylala,

I really sympathise, I used to do the stop start thing every Monday, Tuesday, etc etc. Something seems to have 'clicked' this time though and I am sticking to it.

I signed up for Icemooses's news letters, they really help as does writing, get a journal a note pad or write it all on here, get those feelings into writing so you don't eat them!

Also use the 'just for today' mentality, do it for today, for now, don't worry about later.

Hope that helps a bit.

Good luck,

Sarah x
thanks sarah thats what am trying to do take it day at a time, i must get journal actually and write things down instead of eating
I'm thinking of doing the same myself.
I may start a blog on here so that I can read over it "WHEN" i've reached my target weight.
Imagine the thrill of looking back and seeing how you felt, when now all you feel is jubilation at your result. Imagine reading it while you're wearing your new wardrobe of slim clothes and fighting off the admirers off with sticks.

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