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Does Anyone ever blame?

Do any of you blame your weight for everything that goes wrong in your life?

1. i blame my weight for relationships failing!
2. i blame my weight that i had 3 2nd trimester misscarriages!
3. I blame my weight for the fact i feel so crappy all the time!

I am 29 and i refuse to be fat when i turn 30. so i have so i have exactly 362 days to do something about it!!! i need help lol
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i can only blame myself. no one made me eat junk, no one made not want to exercise when i was younger.
i got nagged to do all these but i didnt, and now im paying for it, so i just blame myself

in high school and college there always ahealthy option, but like everyone else back then i ignored them
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I don't directly blame my weight, my weight is a mere symptom of the real issues. Which I hope I'm now on the path to sorting out and with sorting out those issues, the weight will have to come off, too.

It can be a terribly vicious circle though, and breaking the chain and keeping it broken as all of us know, is not the easiest task in the world. x
I dont really mean it like that lol!!! I am fat because i put food in my mouth and dont move enough no one is to blame for that other than me, myself and I.
I know my weight isnt to blame for everything that goes wrong! Its just that psychologically when anything goes wrong I the think i get annoyed at is being fat, and think it must have happened because i am fat.
However when i can think logically i know this is not always the case.


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Oh right, well I do blame my excess fat for the increase of my social anxiety. I always feel like people are looking and judging me for not being slim.
I blame my weight for adding to my insecurities which in turn stop me doing things. Truth is since I trimmed down my confidence is better and so are my insecurities !

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I blame my weight (and myself obviously for letting me get fat) for not allowing me to have the confidence to go out and enjoy myself. when i do go out i feel fat and so not very happy... and im generally always a happy person so i blame my weight for not allowing me to be who i am and not allowing me to go out and have a good time with my friends when i should be


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I'm blaming my fat for the fact that I don't ever date or let a man come near me. I'm so self concious about my body being a turn off that I just remain terminally single.

I also blame it for the fact I'm not even trying to pursue my dream career as a beautician/make-up artist/stylist because I think "who the hell is going to take one look at me and let me pick out clothes for them, who is going to let fat ugly me make them pretty. I'm incredibly self deprecating. I'd love so much to go to college and get qualified to do beauty treatments and make-up having already done fashion when I was slimmer. But I just could not, no way no how, feel secure enough to even apply right now.

Life is kinda on hold until some of the weight comes off. Even then, I think things on the man front will stay the same.
I blame my weight on everything!!

It holds me back from everything I do in my life. I cant wear what I want, do what I want, or think how I want. My mind is totally distorted by my weight.

The only time I ever feel in control is when i'm eating healthy ect.

I get the "Ugh it happened because I'm fat" feeling sometimes. And more than once have pulled the "She's skinnier than me" card on the boyfriend, who, to be fair to him, wasn't in the wrong. But sometimes it takes a moment to step back and really asses the situation to see that.

know there are things in my life that would be made so much easier if there was a little less of me. But at the same time that never stops me if I'm going to end something, chances are once it's gotten into my head it will chip away at me until I have something to eat. So at the end of the day, my size is my fault because I have pretty much zero will power.
God reading these Is like laying myself bare. It's like we are all screwed up because our bodies are not as we want them. it's really sad hey ? X

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I am the weight I am because I'm always finding excuses and laying blame where it doesn't deserve to go, but then I use my weight as excuse not to do the things I know will make my life better. It's such a vicious circle.
Oh, one more thing, miss-tri....I like the quotes you have in your signature. x
Thank you! :) i had to delete my 'mini goals' to fit them in... thought itd help me and might help others who read them too :D
Oh those mirrors are designed to make you feel skinny. It's marketing. Would not sell anything if were right would they. Well only to skinies x

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