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Does anyone feel bad when they overeat? (even free foods)

I made a lasagne tonight and the serving size said 2 very large servings so I prepared it accordingly and used chicken and cheese so that I would be using 2 HEXs for half the lasagne.

Well once cooked it was huge and I knew that one portion was enough (ie 1/4 of the lasagne) but went back for seconds anyway and ate it just because 'I could'.

And even though I allowed for it with my HEXs and syns, I still feel guilty because I overate. :eatdrink023:
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I know what you mean. From day one of SW (about 10 days ago hehe!!) I've been worrying that the plan just won't work because I can eat and eat so much.
I've even been worried that eating all the free foods in abudance will stretch my stomach!

I guess maybe, you know when you meet slim people who say 'oh i eat like a horse!' maybe they DO stuff their faces but they tend to eat healthy foods like the free foods? So maybe it's ok to eat loads...

I guess the key is to eat so you aren't hungry any more and make sure you keep your body filled with fuel but not to go overboard (not all the time any way ;) )



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All the free food is great but you should only eat until you are satisfied. It's not a licence to over-eat it is an opportunity to make sure you are full of proper food rather than junk. You really should try to lose the 'because I can' thinking. Yes you can, but only if you need to!


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you shouldn't feel bad about it - it's better than eating a small portion then eating loads of crisps and chocolate later on in the evening.

i personally wouldn't 'overeat' every day and for the sake of it, but there are days where i need to - on those unexplainable days where i'm ravenous and could eat everything in site and still be hungry. on days like that i make sure i fill up on pasta/potato based dishes and go back for more...as these are the days i would be more likely to lose the plot, come off plan, think sod it and start eating junk food. it's empowering to know that i can now think to myself 'i'm hungry today so i'm going to eat to satisfy that' and still be able to lose weight.

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