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Does anyone get scared when they lose weight?

This might sound odd. I'll tell you my lil story so you can understand why I ask that.

Last few days I have started fitting into size 12s. This is completely unchartered territory for me, I've been size 14 before but never a 12.. Also because it's on LL it's been a pretty quick change to a size 12.
I said to my mum that I almost feel like I'm in a different body.. I recognise it's mine when I see all my little scars etc that are mine, but it feels morphed and distorted.
I feel like my head is saying "Great! Finally! Size 12!" like I should be. But my emotions are saying "Aaaaah! What's happening to me, I'm scared, this isn't my body??! This isn't ME!"

Can anyone relate to this?
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Angelic Fruitcake
Hi purple Can't say I relate to the fear of my body changing as I'm loveing whatching it change and it still feels like mine. But mabey that is because the smallest I've ever been is a 12 and I'm a 14 atm so it's not thatvery new to to me even though it's great to be out of the 16's I think maby if I get to a size 10 that will be a big shock for me. But a massive congrats on getting to a size 12 well done you I can't wait till I get into my size 12's again xxx
I'm finding the changes hard to accept. I have never in my life been skinny. I have always been a chubby child, bigger than all the over kids, and was overweight by age 9, obese by age 11.

I'm now a size 6 - 8 and the skinny one among my friends. After being the fat friend for so long, I can't wrap my head around being any different. I almost refuse to see my body as different and still find myself picking up size 16 clothes.

It sort of feels like I've been transported into a new body and I can't let go of the old one. I don't want the old one back, but I don't have my weight and food to hide behind anymore and that's pretty scary.


Spam Hunter
Your head takes a while to catch up so the quicker you lose it the more likely you are to freak out by the changes. My journey has been very slow and at every size change I have had chance to get used to it and accept it as 'me' before changing again. I think if I went from the size I was to the size I want to be in a short space of time I would be quite uncomfortable with that
Not really because I was always an eight before and haven't got back down to that yet, I'm a ten/twelve right now.

I can totally understand what you mean though. As I think if I drop below my old weight on this diet (If I decide to) I will go to a 4. As an 8 always used to be big on me at that weight. So I'm sure I could have got into a six actually. So if I could have fitted a six at my old weight. Then I think weighing a bit less than that and taking into account that vanity sizing has increased so much in the few years since I put on a bit of weight. I think I would be more of a four than a six. Which freaks me out because that's a size zero and something I associate with people who starve themselves. Although I know I would not have to starve myself to drop below my old weight. I wasn't a particularly healthy eater even then so was probably not at my natural size then. So I imagine had I had a healthier diet I would have weighed less than I was, I was just above 8st.
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i have a weight loss worry, i heard as you loose weight you loose muscle and fat. i dont wanna loose any muscle. its been a little secret strong point to me recently.

this is obvoisly the fatest i been in my life, but because i done weight training when i was younger in my arms and my chest area, ive this got sort of 'built' shape to me right now, even though i got fat in my tommy. and i noticed this outward chest of mine makes it look like i have a flat tommy.

so i definitely do not want to loose any sort of muscle or chest. since my body frame its quite small, if i had a flat chest, the fat on my stomach would show up very badly.
I have gone quite quickly from a size 20 down to a size 14 since having surgery. It is really strange that when I go clothes shopping I pick things up in that size but my head is still saying "no way" I think I should be in 16's as I was in them for a long time, whilst I was only in 20's a short time. I think we get programmed to a degree on how we think we look and because it happens quickly in some cases our heads dont keep up with our image....it is a very strange experience shopping...I was sat in work in new size 14 trousers and top and every time I went the loo I was looking at the label I could not believe it....so well done chick on the 12's I cant wait to get into them myself...xx


Stubborn tortoise
I do identify... am three stone lighter now and the change is noticeable to me and to others. I love it... but I am scared, too! In the past, that fear always drove me straight into a binge which would sabotage the diet and end with me packing on more weight than ever.

Those days are gone... one of the fab things with CD is that I have had time to think about my food issues and work out ways to tackle them, still not there yet obviously, but I can see the way I behaved in the past was a form of self-harm and that the fear led directly to sabotage.

So now... well, I look in the mirror and it IS me. A me I like, and a me I DESERVE to be. In the past I would think I didn't deserve to look nice, and so ruin it all, punish myself, backtrack. Not now. I am not going back to those messed-up ways. Purple, you are looking FAB... look in the mirror and see that, and accept it, and learn to love yourself the way you are now. Hugs.

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