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Extra Easy does anyone have a on going monthly problems that effects weight loss


Does anyone have a on going monthly problems that effects weight loss? My periods are very erratic, I am 2 weeks late (not pregnant) bloated and have put on 3 lbs. does anyone know how what helps with reducing the bloating and what types of foods that can help with this. :sign0144:
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hi beslimjojo

I get bloated at time of my period, and often have a gain that week, which then is gone the following week. At the time it really gets to me, and I am so unreasonable about it (hey, I am unreasonable about EVERYTHING when I have PMS!), but I have to remember it's a blip. It helps if I look at my weight loss/gain over a month or two, and I can see the pattern.

Anyway, for bloating, I drink a lot of water to flush out my system. Mint tea is also good for a bloated tum. I try to stick to plan anyway, and ignore the gain until the following week.

Maybe reduce carbs, and increase your fibre, but if it's hormonal I don't know if that'll make much difference?

Not much help am I? I am just a pre-menstrual whinge-bag...
I've heard that caffeine increases bloating but not sure if it's true.
I think food affects us all differently, a lot of people have said that too much bread bloats them. Personally I'm struggling with my star weeks atm, they just seem to turn up when they like (thanks for that mother nature!) I find switching the type of food I eat at this delightful time helps, I try to drink fruit teas more than coffee (Im a coffee monster) I try not to use my syns on bread. I try to cut down on things like bacon and read meat and stick to chicken, quorn and fish which are all speed foods and I try to have more fruit, veg and water. I also think having liquid syns helps my weightloss- yay wine :D

Basically I lean to upping the SF, speed foods and water, stay away from salty foods or food that I know I like to add salt to (boiled rice and chips basically) just to cut down on water retention.
Green tea always helps my bloating. It's not to everybody's taste but you get used to it after a while. Plus it's good for you x
I can second this. I'm in menopause and over the last year, my previous 'normal' fluid retention pattern went completely haywire, leaving me weighing around 6lbs heavier than I actually was for most of the month. It would usually dissipate at a particular point in my cycle, if only for a couple of days, then bang I'd be 6lbs heavier again overnight. Nightmare!

I decided to try green tea as I read somewhere it was supposed to be good for getting rid of excess fluid, and it has worked like a dream. I'm actually amazed at how immediately effective it is for me. I make a point now of drinking about 3 cups a day, in between the Earl Grey!

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