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does anyone have cheat days/naughty days?

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Hi everyone just joined the forum, i started food optimising at the start of the year & so far i have lost 42 lbs. i really love my rice & pasta hence my name :)

The question im asking is do any of you have like a naughty day or junk food days where you can eat whatever you like for that whole day or weekend?

my weekly routine
mon to fri - 100% strict green days
sat & sun - naughty days

oh i read some posts yesterday & stumbled across the batchelors pasta & sauces !!
some are free some are only 1 syn each.
they taste so naughty lol :)

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What a great loss!! Well done so far :)

I dont have cheat days as my body punish's me at my next WI :( A friend who has been at her target a while told me to treat myself after my WI (7pm so dinner time). I didn't get takeaway but I tended to eat anything I wanted, sadly I think thats been sabotaging my weightloss so as of Monday this week Im back to eating SW meals everyday.

Im jealous you have those naughty weekends! (food-wise) ;)
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Yes I did try this and promptly gained 1.5 lbs! LOL So no more. Well done on such a great loss!!
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Treats can be nice once in a while but while on SW it can be easy to forget you're on a diet! Treats can sabotage your weight loss which is why I try to encorporate my syns into my meals, a bit of sauce here or an extra bread roll there. And as the old saying goes "Nothing tastes as good a being slim feels"!


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I can honestly say that I never felt the need to. And even if I did then that's what flexi-syn days are for. I wouldn't suggest that anyone go down this route as a lot of people would find it very difficult to get back on the the wagon after a day or weekend off. And actually, when you get to target this is one option given to you for maintaining your weight, so not to be recommended for while you're still losing weight. You've obvisouly done really well to lose 42lb so far, but how much could you have lost if you'd stuck to the plan as it was intended? ;)
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WOW great loss, and all I can say is you are very lucky if this works for you. I know if I so much as look at a "naughtie" I gain 5lbs lol. If its working for you then carry on and enjoy you lucky so and so, but for me its plan all the way I'm afraid. xx
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Thats what are syns are for...naughty days save them and enjoy whatever you like, we make choices in life, mine is a rather large gin and skinny tonic on a sat eve...and xfactor ..lol

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