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Does anyone have one low cal, protein based meal a day and 3 packs?

I have done this over the weekend because I've felt desperate and like giving up for a week now. I just wanted to stay with it, even if that meant eating a little. And it appeared to go fine - I felt mentally and physically satisfied, it has allowed me to exercise a little bit more (I was missing that so much), and I'm still in ketosis.

I don't think I'm going to get to goal on LL - it's affecting everything, my work, my homelife, because of the mental energy its consuming. And I miss little things like being able to concentrate for long periods. Not thinking about food. Exercising.

So I figure if I can do another 14 days on LL with one meal replacing a pack (only salad and a bit of protein), then I'll have lost about 2 stone and can go onto RTM with only 1 stone to go.

Has anyone else tried this? Did they lose weight? I guess its similar to the first week of RTM. I'm feeling a bit down right now so would love to hear your feedback.
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If you are finding LL hard going,have you looked into doing w8 on their regular plan you can have 4 packs and a meal from the food list everyday.Also re LL you still need to have all your packs even if you are adding in a low cal protien meal so that you get all your vits etc.
lorna x
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Have you asked your llc about lighterlife lighter?

Emma xXx
I know the Cambridge Diet has an option with some (3or4) food packs and one low-cal meal each day. But don't throw in the LL towel just yet. Like LS said - the first few weeks are the hardest, but once your body adjusts, you'll find it a breeze. You do have to dial back your exercise, but it's a quick programme in the scheme of things and you can pick things back up with you go into RTM. What's 3 months really? Nothing much at all.


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Woop woop! Sounds ace - I wonder if they offer that to Developers that are strugging, as long as their BMI is between 25 and 29?? (Says she hopefully...) Lol. I'll probably stick to proper abstinance - but oh to have a carrot dangled... hehe xx


Guess who's back...?
S: 16st10lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 3st2.5lb(19.02%)
Thank you Rachel!!! I have had an INCREDIBLE response off that before/so-far pic... it's sent me up into the clouds - really appreciate it, I need that boost today :D xx



nearly there!! :)
hey just wanted to say if u are to add a meal u are better to have all 4packs and then ur meal u dont get all vit and minerals with the 3 and as u have seen u dont get knocked out of ketosis with protein.

also the lighter version of ll is ONLY available to people with a bmi under 30. we were told that u cant change into it once u come down in weight. that if u start as bmi 30 its the abstinance!!
this might though differ according to llc etc!!
bekimo said:
Lighterlife Light is a new programme they are bringing out for people in the "overweight" category. 3 packs and a meal i think! I believe it is also a little cheaper! And no medical required!

yup, there was an advert for this in my local Sunday paper last week, says something like "Lighter Life, now available to anyone who wants to lost at least 1 stone (as long as BMI is still over 25)", I didn't know about the 3+food part, but I knew there had to be something different about it to allow those with much lower BMI's to do it.

Picnic.. you MUST have your 4 packs a day, regardless of what else you eat, otherwise you truely are depriving yourself of what your body needs to function at a basic level, vitamins and minerals.

Eat 4 packs, and stay healthy :)
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