Does anyone have sky broadband?


biker babe!
Is it a good product or value for money?
We will have to have the Sky broadband Connect in our area for £17 a month for 8MB download and 40 gig....or something!?
the other option is BT for £17.99 a month for 2MB ....

any advice? im confused by it all!
Dont do it!!!

We changed over to Sky Broadband in September and it has been nothing but trouble.

We have complained by email when we can get connected and Sky gave some advice which did not change anything.

Several email exchanges took place all to no avail.

Eventually we wrote to Sky to say that unless the service was going to improve we would have no choice but to terminate the contract.

We declined to telephone them on their 08 number to complain since we subscribe to their telephone service.

We now have a very nice chap who telephones us from Sky and he is trying to configure the system. I have asked for another call in the New Year.

In a nutshell Sky's slogan "itdoesn'tgetbetterthanthisband" should actually be "it can't get any worse".

ah, damn and blast! their package looked really good, so it looks like im going to have to re consider which ISP im gonna use! thanks for letting me know before i make a huge mistake!
I hope you get sorted soon .
Keelie xxx
I'm with talktalk international and have had no problems whatsoever. Before changing I was with BT and the service was appalling.
The trouble with Sky

I think their problem is that they have too many subscribers for their capacity.

They obviously did not want to turn away custom, but the sheer volume of subscribers is giving them problems.

We are going to hang on with them as long as they keep trying to sort things. We took the £5 a month package.

We get errors on the line, have to unplug the modem which seems to clear them.

The speed was decreased allegedly to make it work better.

It couldn't be relied on if you wanted to bid on Ebay. It would let you down. I'm amazed to get onto Minimins now, but it is probably because other people are not using their PC's. I think they are all out at the shops buying, buying. Had to go into town yesterday to get fresh food for visitors today and it was manic.

Mind, you I've never been out so soon after Christmas and was amazed to see everything slashed by 50% or more.

I think they were all buying their Christmas pressies for next Christmas, which isn't a bad idea come to think of it.

Marylyn with regards xxx
How about AOL? or even Tesco? ARGHHHH i never thought it was going to be this much hassle!!