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Does anyone have something naughty after WI?

Hiya all do any of you have something really naughty after WI there is one girl in my group who always has a McDonalds/ pizza. Her weight loss is on average 1-2lb a week unless she goes out on a weekend.

So what i wanted to know is does anyone "treat" themselves and notices they can get away with it.....or if they do go without their treat does it prove a bigger weight loss as WI.

Thanks girls

Ruthy xxxx:rolleyes:
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I always treat myself and it doesn't affect my loss. It's just one evening and there is a whole week to recover. Also I go to karate after WI


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I have a take away on the way home too! yummy! its what keeps me going all week x
Cool thanks guys,

So what do you actually have as your naughty treat?


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i have had birthady cake! It was my daughters birthday party yesterday and i couldn't help myself! :)


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Oh god yes! Every tuesday night...

Vegi burger, cheese and chips- with tomato sauce and mayo everywhere

or 12inch pizza

and then a 200g caramel bar of chocolate............

With out fail everyweek!!!!

I once brought chips into weigh in:eek:
Omg! i might try that lol
Ruthy xxx
Well my naughty treat even though my WI was thusday was veg chow mein, boiled rice, 4-5 chips and 1 prawn cracker.
Im worried now im going to gain :( please tell me ill be ok

X-trainer here i come with a vengence!

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My WI is on thursday so I usually have a fun meal on either thursday or friday night that I don't bother to follow the plan with, steak and chips and salad but don't usually have anything like McD's (only because I would rather have something nicer) LOL



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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
Ruthy mate you'll be fine with that honestly I have fried rice and chicken chow mein - so mines much greasier than yours! I sometimes think maybe Id have lost slightly more if Id not had it - but we all need a treat once in a while (and I think once a weeks a good once in a while!) xxx
Thanx Rainbow,
It does play on your mind! my chow mein just tasted greesy, and i threw the rest because i would have only eaten it today! I usually have veg chop suey and boiled rice and have great losses.
Back to plan today.

Thanks again guys
I always have a treat after WI too and it hasn't affected my weight loss. Been really naughty this week tho cos I've been on hol with my OH so I dont expect to have lost, staying the same would be great so it's fingers crossed!


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Well it was my wedding party last night and I drank loads! Funnily enough though, I seem to weigh lighter today that I did yesterday. Clear spirits seem to have that effect on me, maybe I should drink them more often! We brought home some of the leftover food from the buffet which I am busy clearing now but I know I have 3 days to make it good for WI


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Well I had a McDonald's tonight after my weigh in and I didn't enjoy it at all! Won't be tempted again for a while!!

Annette x