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Does anyone know the name of the muscles or area...

below your shoulder blades - either side of your back. Only since losing weight I've noticed I have a bit of a over hang and would like to know how I can tone them (they sit below my bra strap on both outer sides of my back)!!
hey - think they're your LATS (latissimus dorsi).....can train them with lat pull downs......machine in gym where you sit on bench, hands on bar above and pull down....will have a think about exercises you can do that doesn't need gym kit....

Debz x
Lats Exercise #5: Lateral Pull-Down
- Sit at pulley system with lat bar.
- Grasp bar, hands shoulder distance apart, palms facing away from chest.
- Pull bar down to chest,
- Return to start position and repeat
Thanks Deb - I don't go to the gym but guess their has to be some sort of exercise I could do at home? ;o)
think pullups :eek: might be an option.... don't panic....will keep thinking !!!

Debz x
what about this....

If you have Elastic Exercise bands.......attach them to something high up.......sit on the floor the same way you would a bench at the gym and pull.....the position of your arms will allow you to work , your lats and triceps/ chest and biceps...

Debz x


Carpe diem, baby!
Press ups hands close together and far apart work not only the arms and chest but the back...also if the other half has some dumbells or barbells then you're made...exercises for the lats would be dumbell pullovers, upright row with resistance bands, bent over rows with barbells or dumbells...or you could do the callanetic arm thing...you can also do the pullups or chin ups on a door frame (I have one of those bars you can buy to put across the hallway up high)

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