Failure is not an Option
I was hoping if anybody out there had details, or was indeed a Counsellor themselves to just give me an idea of what's involved. Ive been on the LL website and it gives an outline but absolutely not costs and the like.

I anticipate that by Xmas I should have reached management level and at that time I will enquire properly but I just need to know beforehand if it is completely out of my league. Costs involved, number of courses to attend, where are they situated, Insurances, how much per client belongs to you, how do you get the packs delivered, do you have to pick them up from warehouse or are they couriered to you etc.

I currently work at the moment for Bank and have to consider this very careful before I leap in and make the wrong move. I would also like to have a career that I can make my own choices and mind up and work around the children instead of this 9am -5pm lark Im in at the moment.

Cheers and thanks everyone for their contributions.
Hi Carolyne,

I think it costs something in the region of £12,000 plus you need to have premises to work out of.

LL counsellors are not allowed, I believe, to post on forums so the best person to talk to would be your LL counsellor.

Hi - just to add, from what I can gather, you go to a two initial training sessions and sign up to do a 2 year HNC (?) course in weight mangement counselling. You can start your business after 3 months, so I believe, but you have to pledge to spend at least 5K on advertising in your first year.

I heard that it's more like 14K as an initial investment - which is why I became a CDC! lol
Thanks Isobel

WOW so much - it's more than I thought plus the two year study. It's too much to think off whilst I am on food packs best to approach this once weight off and in management.