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Anyone know what's involved in the telephone interview to become a cdc?


I'm going through the process of applying to be a cdc and have a telephone interview with them coming up. I wondered if anyone knew what was involved in the interview and the types of questions they ask, just so I can prepare for it properly?

My cdc who is sponsoring me didn't have to have one as she did it before they brought this in, so can't tell me what to expect.

Does anyone know and could help me?
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Cambridge Counsellor
I had someone accredited earlier this year, and she generally had a 10ish minute chat about her experience of the diet. I don't think the phone interview is as indepth as it used to be. But read your books, that will prepare you enough I would think. Good luck.
Similar sort of questions really that you have already answered on your application form they may want to elaborate on some of your answers.

Relax its not that bad.
oh fab, thanks! Doesn't sound too scary then! :)


Cambridge Counsellor
Nah, none of its scary, honest, but some of it is time consuming and makes you think, that's the training days and the papers you do from home. Don't forget your sponsor is there to help.

I think the time and effort involved in becoming a counsellor these days is good because there is a large amount of time and effort involved in being a good counsellor long term. It's not about opening your front door and launching a box of diet out for quick money. :D The number of evenings I spend on the business not finishing until 10pm some nights proves that, and I only class myself as adequate because of my time restrictions! :rolleyes:

So although it's a great job, I wouldn't call it easy money or a get rich quick scheme. Anyway, the point I'm making in my usual long winded way is that the reason the training is as involved as it is now and the reason the screening to be a counsellor exists is because people wanting to be a counsellor have to have an idea of the effort involved. The effort put into training everyone to counsellor status reflects that.

It's still the best job I've ever had though. :D

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