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Does Anyone Know....?


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Hi Charisma,

I got this on the Cambridge Diet Site.

Why should blood sugar levels differ some days, when intake of diet and fluids are exactly the same for someone who is Type 2 diabetic?
Even when diet and fluid intake are the same, there are other variables to take into account. In Type 2 diabetes the pancreas is still producing some insulin, though not enough for the body’s needs, and production levels may vary. The body’s uptake of the insulin will also be variable. Exercise increases muscle uptake of glucose and therefore reduces blood glucose levels. So the timing of the blood glucose test in relation to pancreas activity, exercise, as well as medication, the last meal and stress levels is important – these can all influence blood sugar levels.
Note: oral hypoglycaemic medication should be discounted on the ‘Sole Source’ programme. VLCD lowers blood sugar levels and, combined with medication, could make them go too low. The risks from blood sugar falling too low are greater than those from temporary increased blood sugar – which will automatically drop on ‘Sole Source’, the adjustment takes place quickly
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This information would be applicable for all vlcd's whether it is Lipotrim/LL/CD

"Many of my colleagues have found that by changing from three Cambridge Diet meals per day, to six mini meals the dieter's caloric intake is controlled. We have seen great success with diabetic patients using the Cambridge Diet. Diabetics are cautioned however, not to embark on any diet programme without first consulting their physician. page 135

Those who have Diabetes Type 1 and are taking insulin are contraindicated.

Type 1 diabetics who are taking insulin are contraindicated because of the problems of regulating blood sugar levels. (Page 38)

Source: taken from Questions and Answers The Cambridge Diet by Dr Alan N Howard.

Hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx