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Does anyone pay for extra councelling?


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Hi LaurenI did LighterLife a few years ago and we had group counselling and CBT. I didn't really find it helpful in a group situation as everyone was so different.It all stems around really finding out why you overeat and attempting to put things right in your head.I'm not sure whether that is helpful unless you really do have deep rooted issues with food.My problem has always been I don't know when to say no!!!I haven't tried one to one counselling though and I can't say whether it would be useful to you or not. £50 an hour sounds REALLY steep though to me!Mich x


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Hey Lauren,
Im sorry I have never heard of extra councelling... so cant help you there.......
Did she explain what the councelling would be for?


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Thats a pretty good price

My best friend is a qualified hyp/counc..everything lol and charges more than that and the sessions she does for weight ARE superb. She has nothing to do with CD by the way lol

I'd deffo give it a go :)


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Hi Unreal,

I assume this is offered to you as a separate counselling, rather than CD counselling?

I've never heard of CDC's charging extra for their time. My CDC chats away for England and has never charged me - other than for my shakes of course!

Hugs x x x
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I have had CBT and to be honest if your the type of person that can lay in a dark room listening to dolphins and visulasing then you might be ok. otherwise I wouldn't bother.

I'm not a dark room dolphin kind of gal.........!


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I had a 2 year course of CBT ......it is not a quick fix by any means but does give you insight and more understanding about patterns of emotional reacting .......and why we sometimes use substances......food, drugs, alcohol etc to try and stuff these things down. It makes you notice thought patterns and the internal dialogue that goes on as we cope with situations in our lives...it makes you question beliefs about yourself...where they came from and whether they apply etc Not sure if that helps very much but that is about as much as i can explain it. It sounds a cliche but i did have to go back and explore some painful issues from the past. £50 is not unusual although I got mine through the NHS.


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I would try your GP first if you're interested. I did this but Im not appropriate for the stretched service in my area-he did however point me in the direction of a free online CBT course. Ive only just started but it looks good-its a scottish health board thing but maybe theres something simalar out there for you? google it. the one Im using is livinglifetothefull.


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Hi Unreal
Your stats don't give much away so I can't really tell but have you done this before/for long/given it a fair go without extra counselling?

I couldn't really comment on whether it is a fair price or worth it or not...but are you sure you even need it? Its the old 'but its a bargain' trap - in which you sometimes end up with an item you wouldn't otherwise have even considered. its only a bargain if you would have bought it anyway and suddenly find its on sale! Would you have sought extra counselling anyway? Do you think you have particular 'issues' that would benefit from CBT and/or hypnosis? Or....would the diet on its own work well anyway?

CBT with Lighterlife was a waste of time. But I don't think it really works in a group situation, tbh, nor do I think my LLC was much good at it (she tried, bless her). I think its a long haul thing, rather than a quick fix.

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