Does anyone still do red and green days?


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Yes i do a mix of red, green and EE. When i started slimming world i was only going green as i wasnt eating meat or fish. Now its a case of I listen to myself and base my day on how I'm feeling. EE has been a gawd send this time round with the *week


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I do a bit of a mixture of the three - some days one HeX of each isn't enough! That, and they're a bit more restrictive and therefore somehow easier to stick to!


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I do Green most days with the odd EE or Red thrown in here or there, usually at w/e's. Works for me! :)


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I stick to Red and Green - I've only ever done one EE day in three months. I definitely do not eat enough superfree to keep EE up and some days I really, really need that extra HexB.


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I also do a mixture of all 3 plans. I know how important it is to plan meals., but I tend to buy what we like to eat & then decide on the day. Also, I do shift work as a nurse & find it easier having the flexability to chose between all 3 plans


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Mmmm, I've only ever tried the green plan ... oh a couple of days doing red days as a vegan, a bit of a challenge that :) I wouldn't want to give up my 2 HEXAs and HEXBs

Thin in 2012 :)

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I'm veggie so do all Green days. I love them. :)


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I do a mixture of red and green, mostly green. I cannot understand EE as although I love veg I would still fill my plate and eat until it was empty not until I was full, if you understand what I mean.


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I'm the opposite- I've not quite got my head around red& green. I always find myself stuck for snacks!

Mind, with EE I tend to lay off carbs, so I suppose my EE days lean a bit more towards red anyway.


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I do a mixture of EE and green, I tend to do green when I'm particularly hungry :) which is quite often lol!!!


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I'm all about red. Have tried a few weeks EE previously barely lose anything which is the same response I always got when throwing in the occasional green day.
So now it's red day is the only kind of day for me, seems to suit me best, keep me losing therefore keep me motivated

Good luck whichever way you do it ;)


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I really cannot get my head round ee. I asked my consultant about it but she rushed right through I just gave in and pretend I understood lol is it just 1 hexa and 1hexb. Just dont get the mixing of the red and green.. Oops.


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I love my red & green days. only do EE every so often
Like the HEX B cheese option on green days - keeps me on the straight & narrow


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I do a mixture of all three! I enjoy the variation.


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I prefere red, I tend to eat more normally on red with greater portion control. With ee and green i tend to eat to much and i struggle with my b choice, i also seem to be thinking about food all day on these days but with red it just fits better with the family.Plus i never get great results on the other days.


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I only do Green days, as I don't eat meat and only very occasionally eat fish. I have been known to do the odd Mix 2 Max day though! It's like EE, but you get your 2 HEBs!


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I do mostly red and green with the odd EE day thrown in. Green is my fave, I do like EE but find I have to really plan what to eat as I wouldn't usually eat that much fruit/veg.


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I do mostly green days as a student who doesn't eat a lot of meat and cant afford to eat all the super-free foods needed for EE.
I will have a couple of red days but i always feel hungrier on these days
it just works well for me :)