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Does ANYONE understand these scales??

Hi, I've recently purchased WW body fat analizing weighing scales and am in such a mess. At my WW meeting I was informed my good BMI would be around 7.5 when I've lost some weight. But on these scales it doesnt mention any figures anywhere near that number. The only reason I got them was to keep a check on the unhealthy things regarding my body mass as I lost weight. Can anyone help me to work out what should be decreasing and what shouldn't please? These are my readings - all "normal" according to the scales but I can't work out why as I've got about two stones to lose. The first letter is "b" and this is 24.6, then "bf" 3.2 then another "bf" 30.3 and finally "H2O" 50.6. Why are there 2 bfs? Which is the one I should be more interested in checking? I phoned up their helpline but the girl there wasn't too knowledgeable either!! I've got an enquiring mind so I'd love to understand what it all means. Hope someone on here can help!! Thanks :confused:
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I'm not sure, but about BMI - The first letter, b, I would guess this is the BMI?

  • Underweight = less than 18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
If your reading is 24.6 then this is within the normal range, but you can still lose a bit before the scales will register you as being "underweight", if that makes sense?

I'm guessing one of the bf's is body fat, but I wouldn't know which one I'm afraid...


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the lower bf, is probably visceral body fat..ie the fat surrounding your organs and the the higher bf will be subcutaneous fat, ie flabby fat....


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it should explain everything in the leaflet / book that comes with the scales x


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Body water for women should be about 51% and 55% for men any higher than that and there is water retention and probably too much salt in your diet and to rectify this eat less salt and drink more water. any lower than 51% and you need to drink more still. I only know this because I'm a medical student and revising for exams lol so atleast im not wasting all my study time on minimins lol


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Lols dont worry I would have thought that if I hadn't been taught it. No one tells u about body water it's all bmi these days


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I've got WW analysing scales too and from what I could figure the first bf us how much of your weight is actually fat (3st2 in your case) and the second bf is your body fat percentage. Next time you use them see if the stones/lbs symbol lights up alongside that first bf like mine does.

Those scales again!

Thank you SO much for all your replies. Yes I will ask at Boots - didn't know they sold similar scales. Incidently no, there is no lighting up alongside the stones/lbs symbol. I exchanged one set of scales for another last week and saw that the bit you have to stand on touching your bare feet is different from the bit on the first set of scales - it's like a long wavy line on both sides all the way down. Maybe a newer version than my first purchase. I am really interested in finding out from Boots whether the lower bf is indeed visceral fat as according to a weight loss science programme two weeks ago the visceral fat is the dangerous one and although the programme presenter was quite slim x rays showed he had a very high percentage of this visceral fat all around his organs. I didn't know anything about visceral fat so IF the lower bf on these scales is vf then that will be very good to know!! Didn't know about H2O levels either. I think these scales are so interesting so thanks again for all your replies x

Hi this is for m3003, on the info booklet with these WW scales it says a normal H20 range is 45-60% low is 43-44.9% and high 60.1-75%. Mine is nearly always 50.5% around first thing in the morning. Only get on them first thing - maybe too often but I'll see what Boots say.


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cool. im just going by our lecturer but the booklet sounds right.51% is about half way between 45-60% ie normal. it may not be visceral fat, it was a guess! my scales state visceral fat. Good news though, girls are muuuuuuuuuuuch less likely to have high visceral fat as we're more prone to flabby fat for insulation for when we are making babies.

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