Does ANYONE understand these scales?


First of all sorry if I've gone and repeated this thread on here but I'm a newbie and a bit confused at mo! Hi, I've recently purchased WW body fat analizing weighing scales and am in such a mess. At my WW meeting I was informed my good BMI would be around 7.5 when I've lost some weight. But on these scales it doesnt mention any figures anywhere near that number. The only reason I got them was to keep a check on the unhealthy things regarding my body mass as I lost weight. Can anyone help me to work out what should be decreasing and what shouldn't please? These are my readings - all "normal" according to the scales but I can't work out why as I've got about two stones to lose. The first letter is "b" and this is 24.6, then "bf" 3.2 then another "bf" 30.3 and finally "H2O" 50.6. Why are there 2 bfs? Which is the one I should be more interested in checking? I phoned up their helpline but the girl there wasn't too knowledgeable either!! I've got an enquiring mind so I'd love to understand what it all means. Hope someone on here can help!! Thanks
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Well h2o will be your water percentage that's about all I know! Lol not much help. Your bmi won't get as low as 7.5 though I think it somewhere 'in' the low 20s that's healthy although don't quote me on that! Sorry not to be much help hope you figure it out!


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Hi and welcome. I am sure you should be aiming for a BMI of between 20 and 25.

What was the booklet like that you got with the scales? Is it worth ringing the helpline again and you might get a different person who knows what they are talking about. Or asking in Boots as i know their scales have these types of info.

Irene xx