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does anyone use normal larger style slices of bread as hex b?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Healthy Extras' started by nettleboo, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. nettleboo

    nettleboo Full Member

    hi as above mentions what kind of bread are you using I have 50/50 in the freezer but from 800g loaf im gonna have them as hex b today but what do you all do normally please
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  3. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    A hex b would need to be wholemeal bread only. 60g worth. Two slices of a larger loaf is slightly more.
  4. drasnian

    drasnian Member

    If we only have big loaves in the house I'll sometimes use those as long as it's wholemeal :) I just weigh out 60g as my HEx b.
  5. eejayess

    eejayess Full Member

    I always use 800g kingsmilll tasty wholemeal but cut the crusts off to make it 60g.
  6. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    So do I unless I've got plenty of Syns in hand to allow for the extra 20g (= 2 Syns)
  7. Jael

    Jael Full Member

    It's my one cheat. I use waitrose own medium sliced 800g loaf. It's a lot less syns than other 800g loaves and 2 slices works out 66g. I feel like I have a proper sandwich/toast instead of minging nimble. So far I'm losing good amounts. Not recommending anyone else do that tho
  8. SWKate

    SWKate Member

    I tend to use HiFi or Alpen Light bars as my HEXB but if it's bread then I use 2 slices from a 400g loaf
  9. Kellysam

    Kellysam Member

    I always use two slices from a 400g loaf. I portion the loaf into two slices and freeze them in freezer bags as no one else eats brown bread in my house.
  10. mag104

    mag104 Full Member

    I use Asda chosen by you wholemeal medium sliced loaf, works out around 44g for two slices :)
  11. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    I either cut the crusts off 2 slices of an 800g loaf or I add the 2 extra syns! x
  12. niccinoo37

    niccinoo37 Full Member

    My only cheat too, I always cut the crusts off kingsmill wholemeal 800g loaf, 2 slices works out 60g. Pleased to see im not the only one. Thing is everyone is different but it hasnt done me any harm in the 2years, so if it works why not...

    Never regret something that once made u smile
  13. snowbryneich

    snowbryneich Silver Member

    I sometimes use ordinary slices if that's what we have but my OH eats most of the bread and I normally use something else as my HeB. I don't think you can use 50/50 as a Healthy B though as it doesn't have enough fibre.
  14. Minimunchkins

    Minimunchkins Gold Member

    Correct - 50/50 is not on the HEb list.
  15. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    if you're cutting off the crusts to make a total weight of 60g then you're not cheating! A HEx is 60g of any WM bread.
  16. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    I usually get the 400g of any wholemeal loaf that looks the freshest and will last longest because really only me that uses it but sometimes we get 800g loaf and I dont bother cutting the crusts off or syning the extra bit but thats just me.
  17. sarahb-84

    sarahb-84 Full Member

    i have 2 slices of larger bread and it weighs 80g so its HEB plus 2 syns x

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