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Does anyone weigh themselves everyday?


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As the title asks, does anyone weigh themselves everyday?

I do, but I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing! :cry: especially after my weigh in on Monday, I put on a pound yesterday and sts today. God, as I type I know I sound ridiculous!! I know, it took a lot of time to get to the weight I am but I don't know if I'm putting unnecessary stress on myself to lose weight by doing this! Am I expecting too much??

I thought by doing this I would keep myself on track, plus it seems like an addiction, I cannot resist checking every morning!

What do you all do?
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I know a lot of people on here do.
I don't.
I get weighed once a week at class. I know if I've stuck to the plans that I should have a loss.
If I got weighed at home and the scales were being good, I'd be tempted to go off track. Likewise if the scales weren't giving the desired result again, I'd be tempted to go off track.
There are no scales in my house!
Put those scales away!! :D Once a week at the same time is the best habit to get into. You shouldn't be obsessing about your weight day in day out, it's too much stress. Try weighing once a week for a fortnight and see how you get on xx


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Thanks lovelies, I shall try and stay off those evil scales, maybe I will hide it out of the way so I won't be tempted every morning!
Give them away to a friend...banish those evil scales to the depths of scales hell....then get them back a week later :D
If my scales are in the bathroom I get completely addicted to weighing myself several times a day. I've put them in the bottom of the wardrobe in my sons room. I still sneak a peak during the week but it's not to the extent I used to. It really hinders my weight loss doing it but I just can't seem to stop hence why I've made them hard to get to.


Losin the baby weight :-)
I am currently in the process of weening myself off my scales! :D ha ha!

It's HARD! I'm a serial weigher - but I know it needs to stop!

One day at a time is the key ha ha! How ridiculous does that sound!!?????? :p

It really is no good though as it can throw you off track with the sight of even 1lb either way!

Good luck getting rid of those scales - it's definitely for the best :D


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Another serial weigher here too - just once a day, I wish!!!!!


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Debridger said:
I only weigh once a week, and only at class.
I have scales in the bathroom but leave them there for the OH
Think it would de-motivate me if I was to use them.....and I enjoy the surprise of how much I've lost
Exactly the same here. I only WI once a week at class. Midweek WI's only mess with my mind and I don't want or need the extra stress.
Absolutely....Personally I find it keeps me on track and if I go up a pound I know to watch my intake...everyone is different...you have to find what works for you xx
Yes I do weigh every day. I can definately see a pattern that I lose more after red days than green days. It even shows that if I have pasta and bread then I will 'put on' a pound or two. It doesn't depress me as I know now that it is a false gain and as long as I am losing a pound a week then I'll keep going. I pick the lowest weight of the week to update my statistics.
I weigh every day but I don't compare it to the day before I compare it to the same day the week before so e.g. on a Monday I compare my weight to what my weight was the Monday before.
I'll never give up weighing myself eevry day. It doesn't upset me, on the contrary, it gives me confidence.

If weighing every day upsets you, you should stop.

(As I'm at target it's recommended to weigh yourself evry day anyway)


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i used to, but, stopped 2 weeks ago, i now only get weighed in class on a tues, and feel much better about it:D


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Hi i weigh everyday but i enjoy it.
I wi at class in the evening so at home i do it in the morning it helps me understand how much weight differs from day to day plus on the morning of weigh in I often see numbers come up that i havent seen for many years and its great. but i also no not to take it a definate.

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