does anyone work shifts/night shifts?

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i do 10pm till 8am i take rice or pasta mainly carbs..........cos i find between 4 and 7am a real i top up on energy foods...all free on a green day........and loads of fruit...........


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well i used to do shifts and that's when i put on loads of weight so i know how hard it is!! on a 7pm to 7am could you try to have dinner before you go and then light snacks whilst working and a big breakfast when you get in. try doing greens and fill up on carbs which are slow burning. have your healthy extras and free fruits whilst working. it's hard but you will adapt and find the things that suit your pattern and your body. good luck and keep thinking of that beautiful wedding dress!!!


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thanks guys.
So far "today!" had omlette, sw chips and beans, x2 alpen lights (HEXB), a spag bol which was all free with cheese (HEXB) and have used milk from allowance for teas.
its 3am and i still have 4 hours to go. I am bloated so thats good.
When i get home i think i will either heat up a pasta sauce or have a mug shot depending on how tired i am!