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Does CD cause insomnia!!


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I have read other people saying they do have problems going to sleep its not something I have suffered with whilst on cd but I have in the past used pillow spray by Champneys. its fantastic and really helps give it a go.. or I know others have mentioned lavender.


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I sleep much better. I did on LL too. But its always been hard for me to drop off. I find I do drop off a but quicker too though.


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I've suffered the total opposite with CD, and have been really tired. I usually sleep 8-9 hours a day, but the other day (no-one was in to wake me up!), I slept for 14 HOURS solidly! I couldn't believe it when I woke up! Never slept that long before in my life.

The insomnia is common with people on CD though - as you settle into the CD routine it seems to get better. Try really letting yourself relax before bed, or perhaps do some gentle exercise, might help :) x


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Thanks for the tips, will have to break out the lavender oil!:)


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Advice from a good book!


guess were all different! ..for me, it's massively improved the quality of my sleep, but I seem to be needing less, feeling alert right up until bed time, and waking up bright and keen about 20 mins or so before my alarm.. which has NEVER happened in my life - normally, Im tempted to be in bed by just gone 9, and could happily sleep through til mid morning given the chance!!, but I'm not feeling that at the mo...

Following is taken from C. Williams 2006, and is not copy-righted.. in fact.. he prefers people to spread the word.. so here goes!!

Here's some evidence-based info on tips to help improve sleep (trick is to just tackle the ones that interest you, or you know are your downfall)

-Making the environment more enjoyable:

Mattress: turn it over, get a new one, or put a board underneath it to feel better

Too hot/cold: windows open/closed, heating, extra blanket, summer/winter douvet

Noise: internal plastic sheeting can reduce noise from outside.

Light: thicker curtains? (book suggests you could even staple bin liners between the front of the curtains and the lining, so can't see it, but improves light penetrating)

De-clutter: Make your bedroom a very lovely place to be. If you have clutter, have it anywhere else but the bedroom.

Smells: Fresh smells, fresh sheets (changing them more often than you really need to) can feel nicer, reduce chances of bed bugs, and help with feeling good when dropping off.

Interuptions: TV, radio, kids, pets, telephones, are best left outside the room, only coming in if it's really important (hmm.. not always realistic this one!)

Sleep management:

-Time: keeping a rhythm, going to bed at the same time each night, helps get the body switching off at the right point.

-Keep a sleep diary for a few days (only filling it in when it occurs to you during the day), to spot any patterns in your sleep.. are you napping in the day? Do you sleep more when you've had more fresh air during the day?

-Only using your bed for 2 things - one being sleep.. you can guess the other ;) - helps the body to respond automatically to the message that it's time to sleep when it lies down.

-the "golden rule": If you are restless and not sleeping for more than 20 minutes, get up and do something very low stimulous, like read a calming poem or water a plant.

The body

-spend time winding down.
-reduce caffeine in the afernoon, and have none at night (including cola)
-long term excess alcohol causes long term sleep problems.. don't be fooled into thinking it helps, just cause it helps in the very short term.. it only makes things worse
-avoid highly stimulating activity (??! Haha!), such as drinking stong flavours, watching scarey films, or having an argument last thing at night - save the difficult conversations for early afternoon..


If thoughts keep you awake at night, try keeping a diary in another room in the house. Never take the diary into your bedroom. When you have these thoughts 'capture' them, and put them in the diary, to look at when you're feeling more relaxed and able to think about them. Over time, your thoughts are likely to change, and affect your sleep less.

And finally:

If you can't sleep because of physical pain, or you're concerned about any of the advice or information, and you need to talk to someone, go to your GP.. or if you just fancy a good old chat - Come to minimins!! :D


So, how does any of that sound?? I wasn't sure about the 'don't do strenuous activity before bed' :( that's not much fun! Ha!

..and some of it is a bit obvious, but is kinda handy as a checklist to see if I'm missing anything...

Hope some of that is helpful :)



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Hey Issywissy, I was exactly the same when I started. I'd be up some nights until 1 in the morning and I'm normally tucked up in bed by 10.30!!

What I've found helped me is doing some exercise in the day. I go the gym but if I cant I'll go for a walk. anything really that burns energy and then I'm tired at my normal time.

Hope this helps a litte xx


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Initially I felt like I needed less sleep but have never struggled to fall asleep.
I think of sleeping as my main hobby really. I love it!

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