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Does CD screw up ur metabolism??

I know I have lost a third of my body weight, but I have moved to 790 plan following a rough patch where I thought I would barf if I had another shake:D. All going well, and love the food but the weight just aint shifting. Am down to about 1 or 2 pounds a week, following weight losses of between 5 and 14 on sole source. I am so worried that by the time I get down to goal (about 18lbs away) I will only be able to eat a carrot stick and half an apple a day to maintain it. Anyone dropped 100lb and managing to eat 2000 cals a day without gaining?? I am working out hard at the gym to try and get things going....about 5 hours a week, plus swimming for around 1 hour 30 a week. Any ideas?
I know I will have to eat less because am smaller in size now, but I was expecting weight loss of around 3 per week on 790.
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if u move up the plans properly u ought to be fine. u r probably only slowing down now cos u r so close to goal. last stone(ish) is always the toughest.

plenty of ways to boost metabolism if u r worried about it. something from health shop (cant think of what its called but u could ask them about it) and some regular short sharp execise sessions is a fab booster to name a few. xxx


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try not to worry. everyone seems to report that the weightloss slows right down as you reach your goal weight. What is your BMI now?

Also, as you are spending a lot of time at the gym you are probably building muscle which weighs more than fat. The good news is that in theory, the more muscle you have, the more calories you can burn and so maintenance should be easier for you not harder.

Try taking your measurements if you are not losing the pounds as quickly as you would like. Im sure you will be pleasantly surprised.
Thanks for such quick replies! I am BMI27 at the moment, and moved up to 790 just cos I was getting too tempted to nibble on sole source having stuck to it diligently for 14 weeks and didnt want to undo all my work with a binge. I suppose I just have to be more patient! I am also mentally struggling with the idea of maintenance in terms of adopting low carb forever, but know that to keep my figure the way I like it I am going to have to!!!!

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