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Does drinking more water help weight loss?


Slimming down the aisle
I've heard that the more water you drink the more likely you are to lose weight, do you guys find that's true? I really need to up my water intake, not just because it might help, but because I need to! I was just wondering if this was true though.
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is going to do this!
I think it does, yes, although I'm not sure.

What is definite, is that if you don't drink enough water, you put on weight - your body feels dehydrated, and so retains all the water you drink, making you put on water weight - which can make the difference in several pounds of weight loss.

As for actually making you lose more, I'm not sure. I suppose if you're drinking more, you tend to feel better/more energised all round, and therefore happier, and less likely to snack, and also if you drink lots you'll feel full and less likely to give into cravings.

Not sure about anything else though, sorry!
From what I've gleaned reading detailed posts by long standing members and CDC's you only need 2.5lts daily. Have more if you need, but don't feel you have to.
It should affect your losses at all and some people have even reported losing less if they drink too much.
You don't want to dilute the vitamins and minerals in your body too much. I've noticed no correlation between drinking 2.5lts and drinking 5!
I think the pressure to drink more and more can upset some people and make the diet seem impossible at times, as lots of people aren't keen on water :)
Hope that helps


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I have discovered that if I drink too much, my weight loss is slower!
Not really sure about the more you drink the more you lose bit if you dont drink enough you will lose less, if that makes any sense. :)


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Yeah I don't necessarily mean the more you drink, I didn't word it very well! But I mean more if you don't drink enough you'll lose less?
KD did a post here recently about drinking water.
I believe as a very good CDC she recommends.. that everyone drinks what CD recommends...
I suppose if we are thirsty, a little more doesn't hurt though...

I always struggle to get loads of water into me and agree with badger that the pressure to drink can sometimes be daunting.. I always make the minimum though and my weightloss so far is good :)
Caroline just make sure if you have a bar, that you do have extra water to compensate what you miss by not having the shake / soup with water...
You are doing great by the way..



Slimming down the aisle
Thanks tilly :)

I'm struggling with the water and just wondering whether it's likely to affect it. I drank hardly anything before so I guess it's still an improvement. Just need to try and get it up another litre or so to get up to 2.5 litres.


You don't need to down 50 litres a day or anything.

Just aim for the 2.5 litres as recommended. Its recommended for a reason - to keep you healthy.

Try some peppermint tea or something to try and up your water intake. Even normal tea decaffeinated would help towards it.

I'm a big beliver in the water. Today I managed 3L without a struggle.

1.5 Litres herbal tea (rooibos and peppermint)
1.5 Litres straight water.

It doesn't have to be all water.


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Hi Caroline! How's it going??
Definitely water works! 2 reasons;
It stops your body retaining water as much (as your body's reaction to dehydration is to hold on to fluid in your fat calls
It fills you up!
Also, there is medical evidence to suggest that combining fluid and food in the form of soup makes you feel fuller for longer than water and solid food separately!
Well done on the weight losses!
Ellie xx


Slimming down the aisle
Hi Ellie, I'm good thanks how are you?

Definitely need to keep working on my water levels I think! Drunk about 1.5 litres so far today, reckon I can get in more though before I sleep.


can see the end in sight!
I used to drink too much and the losses slowed, am now drinking between 3 and 4 easily and my losses are ok now.


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Hi Ellie, I'm good thanks how are you?

Definitely need to keep working on my water levels I think! Drunk about 1.5 litres so far today, reckon I can get in more though before I sleep.
Fine thanks, honey - apart from my evil mood!
11lbs gone so far, but can't work out how to do my ticker so have abandoned it!
You are doing great, I see! 15lbs in two weeks is amazing! Do you feel different? Clothes looser?
Take care

Ellie x:copon:


Slimming down the aisle
11lbs.. well done!! Umm I don't know if I feel all that different to be honest! I think I'm starting to feel it a bit, tummy a little smaller, chin a little smaller! I think also I'm just starting to feel a little more confident about myself in general and also the fact that I can do this! Yeah my clothes are getting looser! Which is great, but also not. I bought a top about 3 or 4 weeks ago and it's my favourite top, I love it but I've only got another week in it max!! :( Oh well I'll have to buy myself a new favourite top!! I've lost 5 inches on my waist which is great but only 2 on my hips so trousers wise haven't really come down but I'm hoping they'll play catch up soon! How about you? Feeling good for it? Noticing the difference?


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People have told me that they can see a difference, especially in my face, but I am not sure if I can. I am worried that it is only coming off the top half, so I still have a big belly and bum. Am thinking that I need to crack on with exercise dvd's ...Are you doing exercise too? x


Slimming down the aisle
I don't know if people are spotting the difference. This is why I didn't want to tell everyone, basically just my parents as they'd notice I wasn't eating dinner my mum cooked! But then my mum is a blabbermouth and has been telling all of my sisters and who knows who else. And then went to our hairdressers house with my sister yesterday and she told her! So my well kept secret isn't a secret so much anymore! She was amazed that I'd lost 15lbs in 2 weeks though. But anyway, the point of that was I kind of wanted to see if people noticed without knowing to look if that makes sense. My mum says she can see it. I didn't have bad skin before, but I think it's improved my skin in my face. I guess it's having all the nutrients and stuff.

I am doing some exercise but not enough really to be honest. Muscles have just been a bit to achey and tired for the gym. The last couple of days I've been doing wii fit and my fitness coach for about half an hour of actual workout a day. I've got a dance workout dvd which I want to start using too. I've also just the other day ordered an ab roller and am going to try and make myself do crunches every day! Are you doing exercise ok?


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Not really - I managed a 3 mile hike on Sunday but most days I am like you - really achey and tired. I know I need to do some though -am paranoid about having loose sin - so going for a walk round the local park with my mum later.
I noticed a difference in my skin within days! I think you are right, the nutrients and the water make a difference.
I have the Natalie Cassidy dvd (still in the wrapper, ha ha), so I might try that. I think I need to do sit ups but I can manage about one!
You feeling a bit rough, honey? I noticed on another thread that you are having a duvet day?

Ellie x


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That was loose skin, not loose sin! Loose sin, I wouldn't mind! Ha ha! x