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Does everyone do their daily exercise

If you have a 3-yr old son that you're running around after that is plenty of exercise!!!
I try and walk every day depending on this awful weather - just got in from a 2 hour walk with Mr R. Dont know whether it makes a difference but it makes me feel so much better :)
IMO i think it definitely increases your weight loss. I exercise almost every day, doing more than the prescribed 20 mins walk. I've lost 8lb in 6 days and I don't have a great deal of weight to lose (compared to some other ladies). I truly believe the extra exercise has contributed to a very surprising (but very welcome) amount of weight lost.

Good luck in your Dukan journey xx
I did not exercise for the first 10 days or so.. then when I noticed that I stalled started walking and it made a huge difference. I don't do it every day, but when I do it I lose more than when I don't, that is for sure. Thankfully I have only a little bit left to lose and I am in no hurry.
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ive just started so unsure if it will make a difference or not as im fairly active already with having horses and walking my puppy


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I walk - power walk - religiously since day one. I have recently encountered a stall after 3.5 months and have added a 30min fitness DVD workout too, Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I also have a 3 year old and a 6 month old so when 3 year old is at nursery, baby takes a lunchtime nap in
Pram and I cram in both!!!!! Hard work and time consuming but must. Fit. Into. Old. Jeans!!!!!!!!! :)


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I think it helps the mindset also, doing a bit of exercise... isn't there a 20 min time when your other half can take over? Or if you get up earlier?

That's how I started my hour walk before work... gradually advancing my alarm clock! Now I sleep far less!
My other half is working away at the mo so it's just me at home during the week, I'm gonna just try and be as active as poss when i can't do the walk, maybe march on the spot in front of eastenders!?
if you have a Wii or xbox kinect, perhaps use a fitness game? my sis-in-law lost shedloads using Wii fit.


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Ooh - when i lived in London, my flat mate Watched Enders whilst jumping on a mini trampoline...she lost lots of weight and was very toned in her legs! She got it in Argos, not expensive x
I bought the EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii (it's the same price for the PS3 too) a while ago for my daughter, will have to dig it out now for me now that I have lost a few pounds.

I only paid £12.85 delivered from The Hut which is a brilliant price as it is £25 in other places (Tesco etc).

EA Sports Active 2 Nintendo Wii | TheHut.com

You get the software, a heart rate monitor/motion tracking device which straps around your arm, a motion tracking device that straps onto your thigh and a resistance band.

You can see your heart rate change on the screen as you exercise :D and there are over 70 exercises to choose from.

EA Sports Active 2 Review - - Page 1 | Eurogamer.net
I like the idea of the mini tramp! I used to do that in school when I was trying to strengthen my walls in swimming. Maybe I will go looking for one. I am wondering if it matters that I am using a treadmill and not walking outside? I have two children that I can not leave alone nor can I walk with them (need some peace some time). I started doing the treadmill at night. In just 12 days, I have noticed I need to work harder to get my pulse up to what it used to be within a minute of starting. I have thought about walking to work, it is a doable distance, but there are no side-walks so it is not too safe. Yes I know I have all these excuses as to why I will not walk outside, let me give you one more. I live in Florida. Another exercise I do is going up and down the stairs several times.

I think every bit helps.


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Absolutely Elbe. It's not necessarily about going to the gym and sweating it out - some of us will never fancy that - but making our lives more active than they once was. My daily walk mightn't necessarily help my weight loss, but it definitely destresses me, and by the time I arrive at work, nothing can faze me as all is sorted and filed away properly in my brain!

Good luck!

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