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Does everyone do their daily exercise


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If you have a 3-yr old son that you're running around after that is plenty of exercise!!!
I try and walk every day depending on this awful weather - just got in from a 2 hour walk with Mr R. Dont know whether it makes a difference but it makes me feel so much better :)
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IMO i think it definitely increases your weight loss. I exercise almost every day, doing more than the prescribed 20 mins walk. I've lost 8lb in 6 days and I don't have a great deal of weight to lose (compared to some other ladies). I truly believe the extra exercise has contributed to a very surprising (but very welcome) amount of weight lost.

Good luck in your Dukan journey xx


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I did not exercise for the first 10 days or so.. then when I noticed that I stalled started walking and it made a huge difference. I don't do it every day, but when I do it I lose more than when I don't, that is for sure. Thankfully I have only a little bit left to lose and I am in no hurry.
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ive just started so unsure if it will make a difference or not as im fairly active already with having horses and walking my puppy


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I walk - power walk - religiously since day one. I have recently encountered a stall after 3.5 months and have added a 30min fitness DVD workout too, Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I also have a 3 year old and a 6 month old so when 3 year old is at nursery, baby takes a lunchtime nap in
Pram and I cram in both!!!!! Hard work and time consuming but must. Fit. Into. Old. Jeans!!!!!!!!! :)


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I think it helps the mindset also, doing a bit of exercise... isn't there a 20 min time when your other half can take over? Or if you get up earlier?

That's how I started my hour walk before work... gradually advancing my alarm clock! Now I sleep far less!


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My other half is working away at the mo so it's just me at home during the week, I'm gonna just try and be as active as poss when i can't do the walk, maybe march on the spot in front of eastenders!?
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if you have a Wii or xbox kinect, perhaps use a fitness game? my sis-in-law lost shedloads using Wii fit.


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Ooh - when i lived in London, my flat mate Watched Enders whilst jumping on a mini trampoline...she lost lots of weight and was very toned in her legs! She got it in Argos, not expensive x
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I bought the EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii (it's the same price for the PS3 too) a while ago for my daughter, will have to dig it out now for me now that I have lost a few pounds.

I only paid £12.85 delivered from The Hut which is a brilliant price as it is £25 in other places (Tesco etc).

EA Sports Active 2 Nintendo Wii | TheHut.com

You get the software, a heart rate monitor/motion tracking device which straps around your arm, a motion tracking device that straps onto your thigh and a resistance band.

You can see your heart rate change on the screen as you exercise :D and there are over 70 exercises to choose from.

EA Sports Active 2 Review - - Page 1 | Eurogamer.net
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I like the idea of the mini tramp! I used to do that in school when I was trying to strengthen my walls in swimming. Maybe I will go looking for one. I am wondering if it matters that I am using a treadmill and not walking outside? I have two children that I can not leave alone nor can I walk with them (need some peace some time). I started doing the treadmill at night. In just 12 days, I have noticed I need to work harder to get my pulse up to what it used to be within a minute of starting. I have thought about walking to work, it is a doable distance, but there are no side-walks so it is not too safe. Yes I know I have all these excuses as to why I will not walk outside, let me give you one more. I live in Florida. Another exercise I do is going up and down the stairs several times.

I think every bit helps.


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Absolutely Elbe. It's not necessarily about going to the gym and sweating it out - some of us will never fancy that - but making our lives more active than they once was. My daily walk mightn't necessarily help my weight loss, but it definitely destresses me, and by the time I arrive at work, nothing can faze me as all is sorted and filed away properly in my brain!

Good luck!

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