does it go away!

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  1. vicky123uk

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    Hey there!

    Just wanted to know does the hunger go away? I am on day 2 last night was a nightmare in bed. I felt sick really sick like I was going to be sick! Will i really get a detachment from food????
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  3. sweety-cheeks

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  4. happykitten

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    Yes it does go away. It took me 4 days...I've now lasted nearly 5 weeks and can honestly say I haven't felt hungry....I now realise a lot of my eating was emotional. This is the first diet that I've been on that I've managed to stick to 100% for more than a week and it's the only diet where I've managed to loose weight. After you've had your weigh in and see how much you've lost it'll really keep you motivated. Good luck with it! Just make sure you have lots of water when you feel hungry. During my first week I kept myself busy to distract myself....went to the cinema after work etc and that helped. x
  5. happykitten

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    Just thought I'd add my energy levels now are higher than they have ever been def worth sticking out those first few hard days x
  6. Vickie_L

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    it really does go away. my worst day was day 5. but after that it was manageable. then after 2 weeks i didn't get hungry at all. I have to set reminders on my phone to have all my shakes now because i don't even think about being hungry and wanting anything! xx Good luck and stick at it - it is SO worth it xx
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    the hunger does go away but youve got to ignore it..its all leading to a positive outcome of you losing weight..i stuck it LT rigidly for 19 weeks (including 3 weeks of refeed) and lost over 5st so it can be done..just stick to it, ignore the hunger pangs and just drink lots!!!

    h xx
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    I'm another lass for whom day 5 was the worst. In fact, I broke my resolve and cheated. I tell you what, after cheating I felt worse than I had being hungry! It just wasn't worth it and gave me a first week loss of only 2lb!! Definitely changed my outlook as since that day I've not cheated once and feel so much better for it! Honestly sweetie, after you get through the first week you'll find that it becomes a whole lot easier, and after about 3 weeks you tend to hardly think about what you're doing! Well, I think about LT constantly but it's a case of I'm thinking about how I'm gonna feel when I reach my goal more than it is 'I want to eat chocolate, and I want to eat KFC!!' You'll get there hun, just keep your chin up and push on through the first 7 days xx

    CANKSTER Silver Member

    You will become detached from food, you will then find yourself watching other people eat and realising what you have done to yourself.

    It's like learning to eat again

    Good luck xx
  10. harji

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    It does go away the first few days are the hardest keep strong it will pass, drink plenty of water you'll be fine.

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    week8 3lb's lost (3 stones lost:):))
    week9 5lb's lost (stopped smoking after 10yrs:):))
    week10 3lb's lost
    week11 4lb's lost
    week12 4lb's lost
    week13 3lb's lost
    week14 5lb's lost
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    Like Cankster, I too end up watching other people eat. My partner is always complaining that I watch him eat every mouthful of's not because I want any. However, I do seem to get some enjoyment out of other people eating. Then when I go shopping I become horrified at how much rubbish people have in their trollies x
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